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Surprise Droid 4 price cut, Galaxy Nexus jealousy

We have some surprising details to bring you now regarding the highly anticipated launch of the Motorola Droid 4. A recent inventory leak has revealed that the Droid 4 may be launching on Verizon with an instant price cut, despite the fact that it is one of Big Red’s new 4G LTE devices.

Verizon and Motorola made their first 4G LTE slider official at CES 2012, but the device is still not available to buy at the moment. However, intel picked up by Droid-Life reveals that the device may be launching at the surprise price of $199 on a two-year contract with the carrier.

This will be news met with both delight and perhaps slight shock, since Verizon usually debut all new 4G LTE handsets at $299. It’s worth pointing out though that the recently released LG Spectrum also came in at $199 so perhaps this is a indication that Verizon are now prepared to drop their initial stance on $299 for all new 4G LTE phones as we’ve seen in the past.

This is still fairly surprising to us though, as we would have predicted that most consumers would have bought the Droid 4 at $299 anyway. Having the phone enter at $199 now makes the handset an extremely attractive alternative to the Galaxy Nexus, as a slide-out QWERTY keyboard still remains a crucial feature for a lot of business minded users.

Just out of interest, the document also reveals that three colors of the Droid RAZR will also be getting a price cut as well. If you are interested in picking up one of Motorola’s thinnest smartphones, then you may want to head to your nearest Verizon dealer and enquire about the purple, black and white models.

What are your thoughts on this surprise price cut – does it make your purchase decision even easier? For those of you that bought the Galaxy Nexus – do you regret your decision seeing the Droid 4 at $199?



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