Soak Test Invites hitting Atrix 4G, ICS possible

By Gary Johnson - Jan 27, 2012

The Android platform is currently looking to upgrading to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, but the process could be a long winded operation with some handset manufactures seemingly taking an age to get the software out to devices. Today we have news that Soak Test Invites have been hitting owners of the Motorola Atrix 4G, and an ICS update being in the works could be possible.

Motorola have been pretty busy in recent weeks getting select users to test operating systems for some of their devices. First we heard of owners testing the Android 4.0 update for the Motorola Xoom, which was shortly followed by a general release of the software.

Then a couple of days ago it was the turn of Motorola Droid RAZR users getting invites for testing of a minor software update that fixed some reported bugs. Now today according to a report over at Pocket Now owners of the Atrix 4G have been getting invites from the manufacturer , but as with any Motorola Soak Test invite users will be going into it blind so won’t know what they will be downloading.

This has led many to speculate that the testing could be for a pre-release version of the new Android operating system, but others think it may just be some minor bug fixes and enhancements just like the Droid RAZR.

Previously Motorola had said they would start releasing the new Android software six weeks after the final version was released by Google, but have not yet mentioned anything about the Atrix 4G. Do you have the Motorola Atrix 4G?

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  • Canoe_polo4

    Never buy a phone,laptop,tablet unless it comes loaded with the latest software if at all possible. Rule 2: If it doesnt haveit,Wait. I would never buy a device on the Promise theyll upgrade the software in a several months time. I bought my Playbook in June 2011 and there is a major upgrade Feb 17th,2012. Fair enough. But I wouldnt have bought it at the time under those circumstances. My son is waiting for Android 4.0 on his 10 month old Asus Eee Pad tablet. Will he get it?Willi it work? 

  • Hpiracerxbrian

    They have to do something, the atrix 4g has been the worst smartphone I’ve ever owned. On my third handset due to malfuntions in the software and hardware, I will as sbe buying the note as soon as it comes out.

    • Tehrules

      What do you do with the phone? 3 bad phones sounds like a user problem and not hardware. Mines worked perfect from day one. Most users are very happy with their Atrix also.

      • Hpiracerxbrian

        the first phone which i bought on day one, after about 6 months there was a 1 cm vertical section that stopped responding on the capacitive screen, the second one they sent me upon first charge i noticed the finger print scanner was getting rather warm/hot due to an internal shorting issue i assume caused the battery life to drain extremely fast. and this last one which i currently have now, only fully charges when the phone is off. if it is on it only charges up to 90% even if i leave it on charge all night, then when i unplug it drops to 80% almost immediately. dont get me wrong the hardware specs are amazing and i had been waiting since nvidia first announced the first tegra chip was coming out, to have this technology. maybe i have just had bad luck lol

        • Jessica25148

          That happens to me also when i charge my phone it only goes up to 90% as soon as I unplugs it goes down to 80%.

      • Sfg

        I have a friend who had 3 broken and just bought an iphone, not due to user abuse.  Mine also broke (wouldn’t boot) and I got a refurb about 60 days in on my new phone.  They are shitty.  I’m never buying a motorola product.