News of Doom 4 hints of more PS3 content

By Gary Johnson - Jan 27, 2012

Earlier this month we reported to you the news that Xbox Live users again had access the original Doom title, which was down to those responsible for Skyrim, Bethesda. Today we have some news of Doom 4 that hints of the possibly of more content on the PS3 version of the game.

It has been known for a while now that id Software is currently developing Doom 4, and since Rage is now out of the way and available, the company are concentrating everything on the new Doom game. An article over at Gamingbolt is reporting that John Carmack was recently being interviewed by Merlininkazani.

He briefly touched on the Doom 4 game and commented what can be expected by the different versions. Carmack stated that id Software were likely to add more content for the PS3 version compared to the Xbox 360 and PC versions, and this was because the consoles Blu-ray player and the extra storage the discs can hold.

Recently there has been talk that the next version of the Xbox may have a Blu-ray player mainly because of the extra storage space. Carmack stated that the “videos are just using the normal game data” when he was asked if the videos on Rage were using the Super Texture Pack. He also said that the same would be used in the Doom 4 game.

He confirmed that the PS3 Blu-ray discs may get filled with more data for Doom 4 than what will eventually get put on the DVDS for the game. Carmack did say though it depends on how difficult it will having “two different builds of data”.

There was also talk of some unique streaming tech for the PC that may provide more detail, but there may be too many risks associated with it. This would mean much more server bandwidth requirements and id Software are having second thoughts committing to it.

For now there is no specific release date for the game but Carmack said that it should be available within the next couple of years, “considering that it’s been in development for a long time now”. Are you looking forward to Doom 4?

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  • micah

    In the firs sentence, you said doom 1 on xbox live was down to those responsible for skyrim… what was that supposed to mean? The developers of skyrim could not download doom 1???