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Minor Skyrim PC update 1.4.20 up for download

We recently told you that Bethesda had decided to issue their latest updates to Skyrim PC owners via beta patches on Steam, and now we can confirm that a new version of the 1.4 beta patch is available to download adding a few more minor improvements to the game.

According to Bethesda, this Skyrim beta is a safer approach to delivering updates and in a way, it is only designed for those users who are having problems with the game since many can still play the game flawlessly.

Most of you are probably running the 1.4.15 beta patch right now on PC, but if you head into your Steam settings, we can tell you that 1.4.20 is now available to download. There are four main changes from the last update, the first being a fix to an audio problem where sounds would play louder than normal in certain parts of the game. There’s also a fix to one of the achievements in the game that wouldn’t unlock properly when playing a European version of the game other than UK.

Finally, 1.4.20 also addresses two quest specific issues in the game – one being a rendering fix to dragon priest masks and the other a bug involving the Thane of Riften and buying a home.

These are the only changes listed on the official Bethesda Blog, but you may find more once you have installed 1.4.20. Don’t forget that since this is a beta patch, you may run into unwanted problems. Bethesda recommend that only those experiencing these issues should install 1.4.20, otherwise you should just continue playing on the regular 1.3 patch until the proper 1.4 patch is available.

Unfortunately there’s no updates on the Creation Kit or any sign of DLC becoming available. We’re guessing Bethesda is working hard on both though and the company has promised that the Creation Kit would be available before the end of January at least – so hopefully we’ll get some sort of update on this over the weekend.

How is your PC version of Skyrim running at the moment?



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