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Street Fighter X Tekken: Xbox 360 almost had Master Chief

You have to feel for Xbox 360 owners with regard to some of the recent fighting game releases. After missing out on an exclusive character for Mortal Kombat while PS3 users received Kratos, we can tell you that Capcom are also shunning Microsoft’s console after confirming that the PS3 will only be receiving exclusive characters for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game.

But like Mortal Kombat, that doesn’t mean to say that it wasn’t in the minds of developers Capcom. We can tell you that Capcom had been planning to give Xbox 360 users some exclusive characters for Street Fighter X Tekken as well, since PS3 owners will be getting Toro, Kuro and Cole aside from the growing list of characters already confirmed for the game.

Yoshinori Ono has revealed that he was in discussions with Microsoft as to who to put in the game as exclusive characters. Possible names appearing in the game include Marcus Fenix from Gears of War and even Master Chief himself from the Halo series. Unfortunately, something didn’t fit and due to ‘difficulty’ it never happened.

Although it would have been great to see such heroes in a crossover fighting game, some hardcore Street Fighter fans may have questioned the decision anyway since both characters come from completely different background. Having said that, the same can be said for Cole from inFAMOUS who is a surprise addition to the Street Fighter and Tekken universe as well.

According to further comments from Ono though, it looks like the Xbox 360 will not be getting any exclusive characters at all now as he said that ‘it’s just too bad, basically’. What are your thoughts on this? Are you a bit disappointed that we won’t be seeing the likes of Marcus Fenix and Master Chief in the game, or is the idea of both characters appearing in the game borderline ridiculous? Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden would have been a great fit though, but we guess that gamers can just play Dead or Alive if they want to see him in a fighting game.



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