Sony’s Apple tactics may be great news for Vita owners

By Alan Ng - Jan 26, 2012

We have some surprising and definitely pleasant news to bring you now as we can tell you that Sony are currently having a massive sale over on their PlayStation Network store in Japan. You have seen games up for sale for less than a dollar on the Apple App Store and now it seems Sony are experimenting with similar tactics for their PSN customers.

It’s no secret that generally, Sony’s PSN prices are pretty high priced, with some games even bordering on the ridiculous side. However, it has been discovered that Sony are now having a discount with developers Q-Games in which almost the entire collection of Pixeljunk games are all available for crazy prices, as reported from TheSixthAxis.

And by crazy prices we mean 100 Yen, which translates to a measly 80p in the UK or just over a dollar in the US. That is some seriously good pricing for a collection of games which are very fun to play. We have to admit that we’re yet to try out the full collection ourselves, but we have put a considerable amount of hours into Pixeljunk Racers and it is great fun when playing with a friend.

While these deals are only present for Japanese PSN customers at the moment, that doesn’t mean to say that those of you with a sneaky Japanese PSN account cannot take advantage of this providing you have the funds. We are praying that excited PS3 owners in Japan are making the most of this offer as it will probably mean that Sony take note of this and could expand the discounts to PSN Stores in Europe and US.

If that does happen, then you have to mention the PS Vita as well, as we could be seeing a future where smaller games become available for their new handheld at great prices like this. Consider it a winner for both Sony and Vita owners if this does become a reality as we feel it would be a real incentive to those looking to pick a Vita up.

Have you managed to buy these Pixeljunk games at these amazing prices? Hopefully we have information for you soon on similar discounts for other region PSN stores.

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  • is it called junk because they are rubbish games that will take up your memory.