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Put a Nintendo Wii U in your 2012 Christmas stocking

We have some good news for those of you who are planning to pick up a Nintendo Wii U later this year. Nintendo has revealed in a recent investor’s call that the next generation Wii console will be available to buy right at the end of the year.

Nobody knew for sure when Nintendo’s next Wii console would be launching this year, but now the company has revealed that consumers in the US and Europe will be able to pick up the Nintendo Wii U as an ideal Christmas present, as reported from Reuters.

US and Europe will not be the only regions joining in on the Wii U launch party at the end of the year, as Nintendo also confirmed that the console would be available in Australian and Japanese markets as well, making the Wii U easily accessible this time around compared to the Wii.

The simultaneous Wii U launch in multiple regions is a stark contrast to Nintendo’s launch approach with the Wii. The original console first launched in North America in November 2006, before later becoming available in Japan early December. Australia then followed with Europe being the last region to get the Wii U on December 8 2006.

Thankfully everyone will be able to pick up the Wii U at the same time this year and it now means that Nintendo will have to have a much more successful E3 2012 showing if they are going to convince consumers to pick the Wii U as their next console. It is going to be interesting to see just what quality of graphics the new console can produce, as we have still had no evidence of actual gameplay, although plenty of speculation that the Wii U is ‘twice as powerful as the Xbox 360’.

What are your thoughts on a Christmas release for the Nintendo Wii U? Will it be on your wish list this year, or have you been left unconvinced following on from the ‘far from impressive’ showing at E3 2011?



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