MW3 Elite account issues anger DLC subscribers

We have some important information for those of you who are considering buying an Elite subscription for Modern Warfare 3, as it has been revealed that DLC included with the package is actually locked to an Elite user ID, and not to a console meaning that content can only be used with one console account.

It is pretty remarkable that this discovery has only been made now, but users are not starting to complain in the masses over on the official Call of Duty forums. To put it in simple terms, these content drops that Infinity Ward are releasing for Modern Warfare 3 can only be played on one console and on one Elite user account, meaning it’s no go for those intending to share maps with family members or use the content on a different user account or console.

This situation is particularly worrying for Elite users, as Activision’s own description when downloading the console states that once purchased, ‘all users’ will be granted access to the content on one console. Has the fact that this is now locked to one Elite user opened up a new can of worms for Activision?

So far, there is no word from Activision on the matter, or indeed Infinity Ward’s community manager Robert Bowling who is usually quick to respond to important matters such as this. It will be a big blow to those who are thinking of subscribing if this is the case that it’s locked to Elite accounts, but then again it could simply be a fault on Activision’s part and they may remedy the situation once they address it.

Have you discovered this problem when trying to access the Elite DLC on a different Xbox 360 user account? Obviously this is just fixed to the Xbox 360 at the moment since Elite DLC isn’t available on other platforms yet. We’ll let you know when we hear from Activision regarding the matter.



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