Frustration over Skyrim DLC impatience

By Gary Johnson - Jan 26, 2012

Late last year Bethesda released Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to gamers on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 platform. The game is one of the biggest titles ever released and should keep gamers occupied for many hours with so much to do. There are some though that are getting frustrated waiting for the release of Skyrim DLC content, and their impatience grows.

We recently told you that the latest patch had reached the beta stage for the game for PC users. This should mean it won’t be long before it reaches the PS3 and Xbox 360, which will be good news for the owners of the PS3, as it is supposed to finally fix the serious lag issues they have been experiencing.

Those gamers who are getting frustrated waiting for the release of the Skyrim DLC would have undoubtedly have already put in hundreds of hours into the game, but we are pretty sure they have not really scratched the surface of the game yet.

One pattern we have noticed from some of our readers is that some that play the game on a console tend to be the more impatient over the wait for the DLC. This could be because they lack the many mods that PC owners have access too.

Some of these include the comical Macho Man mod or the recent one that turns your dragons into My Little Pony. We have also seen mods that improve the frame rate for the game. Many have wondered what the DLC content will bring, and some of the previous titles may provide the answer. Users of the game have wondered about the bridges you come across, but your access is blocked.

In the map below of the continent of Tamriel you can see the various regions that include Skyrim. It also has areas from previous Elder Scrolls games, and an article here is wondering if these will feature in future DLC downloads. When the Skyrim DLC finally does arrive it would be nice if console owners managed to get access to some of the mods that PC owners have been enjoying.

Are you a console owner frustrated seeing so many mods on the PC version, although you may never dream of buying the game for PC, and cannot wait for Skyrim DLC for PS3 or Xbox 360?

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  • Mknox5

    the game is lovely and i entertain the thought of dlc more than others but i mean seriously fix the bugs…its riddled with them. the last house you buy in solitude is FULL of them i cant upgrade my nightingale sword and my followers keep gear at times which leads me to redoing a save…seriously fix the fcking bugs and id be content. also a new difficulty system would be nice. i shouldnt be able to kill mass dragons at once while in upgraded companion gear. I dont even wear daedra cuz id be overpowered…makes the game suck and yes im on the highest difficulty been overpowered since lvl 45. lvl 72 now and its still ridiculous. and before anyone ask i dont use exploits the games just ez

  • Con-soul

    I believe a great and simple DLC should be armor editing. Such as taking the already available armors and changing the color or just adding blood or battle wear. New armor would also be welcomed. As I look and think of all the movies that relate to this amazing game I can’t help but to think about Connan the Barbarian, Troy, Gladiator, 300 and now Immortals. It would nice to have replica or similar armory and weapons.
    Speaking of weapons how did they leave out the spear. I don’t see Bethesda releasing another Skyrim anytime soon but they could continue to bank on this development. With the introduction of DLC. The trick is not to wait too long. Us console users loose focus fast if there’s no DLC available. So hurry it up.

  • Wiese476

    I cant wait for the content. Im bored with the game. Im on me 3rd play through, have all my ahievements. Its starting to get boring, I wish console gamers werent always screwed when it comes to mode kits and such.

  • Dadoftwogirls

    I have payed 300+ and have covered just about all the bases save save a few minor side quest type things. I’m ready for more meat and potatoes. To me the side quest are more fun when you know there are still main quest items to be completed. Hope the DLC comes out soon.

  • UglyOrc

    I feel like a volcanic plane of Marrowind would be an ideal place for DLC..who wouldn’t want to explore a flame ridden completely reformed MW? And adding another country and quests to the already enormous map would be almost like playing two games in one..if Bethesda continued adding countries and quests I might play skyrim for the rest of my life..

  • Meanie

    Bethesda doesn’t even have the power to compile the popular mods as one DLC and throw it on console. Many modders will not agree on this since they released it as free on PC.

  •  “people have put hundreds of hours into the game already but probably havent even scratched the surface”

    im pretty sure, as one of the people who havent put in hundreds of hours yet but dozens, that doing that much actually DOES scratch the suface pretty deep. considering im such a role-player i put about 800 hours into fallout 3  over 2 years and i finished it a dozen times. there might be a few little tidbits left but thats not the point.

    • LawL_Vengeance

      I have to agree with you on that one. I for one have put approximately over 300+ hours on Skyrim and from what ive done, when you have only about 12 misc quests and 4 or 5 actual quests left and you have a map thats so dense with locations you cant tell where a place is then its time for a DLC 🙂

  • T T

    You ever wonder why don’t they ever do the following for DLC… Get the “best” user made mods on XBL and PSN. Bethesda gets a share of the $$ from every download and so would the creator(s) of the mod. Doesn’t that sound good?

  • JackN

    Please Bethesda, not a Morrowind DLC. Red Mountain destroyed the
    province, and we’ve already been there. I’d like to see travels into
    High Rock, the sacked Orsinium, Something original. Another Daedric
    Plane of Oblivion would be interesting too, Moonshadow of Azura’s always
    has sounded interesting in lore.

  • Jackiebfresh

    I don’t want to go back to somewhere the franchise has already taken us. Plus MW is just one big mess because of the volcanic eruption, so scratch that idea too.

  • Garrett Rill

    im 100% sure that we are going to morrowind and cyrodiil, and also fight the aldmeri dominion after the civil war questline. cant wait. 🙂

    • LawL_Vengeance

      if they make a questline where you can go and either use diplomacy or death as your advocate to the aldmeri dominion, then i would kiss bethesda on the head forreal

  • kiwidragons

    There is a dragon-to-pony mod. They fly around & breathe fire, but just look like My Little Ponies. I’ve seen the horse one as well. Unfortunately, being that I play on Xbox I can’t use either one. 🙁 And yes, I am impatient for DLC.

    • LawL_Vengeance

      hey, actually if you Modio and a thumb drive and a computer, you can get a vanilla Unicorn haha, not kidding, its in the testing hall and can be dropped from the MISC section in the inventory screen, its hilarious xD

  • Pav

    The mod dosen’t turn your dragon into a ‘my lil’ pony’, it turns your horse into ‘my lil’ pony’ — also, don’t bet the ps3 lag is fixed….I have a bad feeling about the ps3 version. I love the ps3, but there is no way the problem was a bookshelf scripting glitch alone ….

  • I got bored when dragons became repetitive and really easy, and the questlines were completed.

    Also, it was easy to manipulate the crafting system and make super gear.  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t give a damned about DLC, the game was only released a couple of months ago and has hundreds of hours worth of play in it. What I do care about is the fact that I can’t complete the main questioned it thieves guild because of the bugs. Come on Bethesda, sort the bloody bugs out! The game should never have been released in such a shoddy state.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t give a damned about DLC, the game was only released a couple of months ago and has hundreds of hours worth of play in it. What I do care about is the fact that I can’t complete the main questioned it thieves guild because of the bugs. Come on Bethesda, sort the bloody bugs out! The game should never have been released in such a shoddy state.

    • Bptrsn1

      It is not a bug due to you SELLING your thieves guild items. You are an idiot for selling it for the few gold coins they give you for it!!! I am so over waiting for fixes to actual bugs (Thieves guild one is not a bug) like the MULTIPLYING LOUIS near the whiterun stables, and the DLC. I am going to play the HUNDREDS of games that are made by companies that CARE about their customers!! Bethesda OBVIOUSLY DO NOT!!!

      • DrIndigoJones

        Thats not the only theives guild glitch. I couldn’t even join the guild because whats-his-face would never leave the market. The market glitched and they’d all just stand there 24/7! So, annoying. Not that I think the game is shoddy. Just dont’ assume it was his fault. BUT, if that was his glitch… then, yeah. He’s a moron. lol

        I game on the Xbox360 and I love it. I can live without the mods. I just want new story lines and new quests!!!