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Wii U twice as powerful as Xbox 360, developers wanted more

Gamers know that a next gen console will be coming out this year in the shape of the Nintendo Wii U, even though the pricing and release date has yet to be revealed. There are now reports that the Wii U is twice as powerful as the Xbox 360, but developers wanted more.

A source who is currently working on a title for the console has been speaking to Develop anonymously about the Wii U. The source is claiming that the Wii U could achieve around twice the processing and graphical potential of the Xbox 360.

Many have thought previously that the Wii U would only match the current system from Microsoft, so it beats expectations of it so far. But it is being claimed that some studios expected more from the console.

A project designer has allegedly complained that the Wii U is below the power that Nintendo originally announced, which has meant some scaling down their plans. This comes as the next Xbox is rumored to be six times more powerful as the Xbox 360, which would leave the Wii U trailing behind again.

The site is also reporting that a leading UK racing studio has agreed to support the Nintendo Wii U with a title each year. A lot of Nintendo’s target audience won’t be to concerned how powerful the new system will be, and be more worried about getting a quality line up of games. It would become a problem though if the systems internals prevented this from happening.

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