RIM roadmap leaked for 2012/13 but is it too late?

By Gary Johnson - Jan 25, 2012

We told you earlier a couple of days ago about the boardroom shake up over at RIM with a new CEO taking the reins. Now we have some news of a leaked RIM roadmap for 2012/13 but is it too late for the company to turn its fortunes around?

BlackBerry smartphones and other devices are thought to be getting BlackBerry 10 this coming fall, but in the meantime according to a report on BGR the company still has plans to launch some BlackBerry 7 legacy devices in certain regions.

There are two new Curve handsets being introduced in the coming months that include the BlackBerry Curve 9320, and the BlackBerry Curve 9230. The Curve 9320 is going to be an HSPA handset, while the 9230 will be an EDGE device.

Again there is talk of a brand new PlayBook tablet PC with an unknown screen size, but will have a 1.5GHz processor, NFC, and HSPA+ 42Mbps data support. This is expected to be available around May or June.

The BlackBerry London is still stated for a September release with another BlackBerry 10 handset in the pipeline but under the Bold model range. This will feature a QWERTY keyboard coupled with a touchscreen display.

Coming early next year is another BlackBerry 10 handset that will be a QWERTY slider device. Some of these devices could see some minor changes ahead of any release tough. Despite recent troubles the company with the right products could once again appeal to some users.

Trouble is both the Android and iPhone platforms have streaked ahead of the BlackBerry now. It also has increasing competition from the Windows Phone platform to contend with as well. What would it take for you to consider a BlackBerry device again?

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  • Murasame_830

    They really need to focus on quality. Its useless to make countless models with only small differences.
    Long-life battery on Bold line will help them a lot and strong build of the OS. ’cause bb smartphones often trouble users with lagging or whatsoever eventhough they just bought it for 3weeks or so.
    Thats why the return rate is really high.
    AND some creativity on the models can do much.

  • David_sonnen2000

    what would it take? A BlackBerry running android.