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Nintendo Wii U could be cheaper than $600

There has been a lot of worried speculation on how much Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console will end up costing consumers when it lands on the market later this year, with a lot of talk putting the price near the $600 mark. We have information from one retailer to share with you now though, which suggests that the official Wii U price is still very much up in the air at the moment.

We told you back in June of 2011 that Australian retailer EB Games had put an early price listing online for the Nintendo Wii U, revealing that it would cost gamers in Australia $598 to take one home. The translated price of that in USD came to just under $650 leading some consumers to fear that Nintendo may be pricing their Wii U towards the premium spectrum, even if this was just a placeholder by the retailer.

Skip forward to today though, as EB Games has reiterated that the $598 price which still remains for their Nintendo Wii U is ‘subject to change’ and that official pricing information for the system hasn’t arrived in their internal systems yet, according to VG247. What this means to the average consumer looking to pick one up later this year, is that it is likely that a $600 price for the system is very unlikely, and a price to match current Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles would probably be a lot more likely.

At the moment, the PS3 sells for $250, while the Xbox 360 is currently set at $199 without Kinect. With this in mind, we feel that a $399-499 price for the Nintendo Wii U would be more towards the reasonable sum of money that consumers won’t mind paying, but anything over $500 would seriously ask questions of Nintendo on whether they are stepping over the mark.

How much would you be willing to pay for the Nintendo Wii U? We will get our next gameplay preview of the new system before E3 2012 it seems, but let’s hope that Nintendo put an end to the price rumors as well.



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