MW3 DLC: Full schedule list, 18 content drops revealed

By Alan Ng - Jan 25, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 Elite subscribers on the Xbox 360 will know that the first content drop maps in Liberation and Piazza are now available to download. However, we have some important information for you to note down regarding the rest of the content Elite owners will receive throughout the year.

As you know, Activision has already promised a total of 20 content drops, 2 of which we have now had so that leaves 18 new pieces of content that Elite owners can look forward to, or non Elite members if they are willing to pay for it at a later date.

Activision has now put a full schedule on the Call of Duty website, revealing that 10 more maps are on the way through the year, as well as two brand new game modes and some fresh spec ops missions. The list states that Elite subscribers on the Xbox 360 will get another map to play through next month, while March will bring one new map and two new spec ops missions.

April should be an exciting month for Modern Warfare 3 Elite players, as you’ll get another two maps as content drops, although obviously specific details on what these maps will be have not been revealed yet. It makes a change for Activision to outline DLC plans so early, so it at least gives Elite and non-Elite players an indication on what content will be included as part of the subscription, and when it will be coming.

You can check out the fancy DLC calendar for yourself on the Call of Duty website here. You’ll see that Liberation and Piazza are already available on the Xbox 360, while it also states that the maps are coming for PS3 and PC Elite members ‘soon’. It’s a good idea to bookmark this website so you can always check to see what is coming.

If you have a copy of Modern Warfare 3 with or without an Elite subscription, let us know your thoughts on this DLC content drop list from Activision. Do you welcome their new DLC format, or would you prefer Activision to release the traditional map packs with much more content?

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  • Anonymous

    Ps3 should have sued Activision claiming that because of their fake announcement lots of complaints are coming and the sale drop down of ps3..

    • MW3

      Get a decent console and then you wouldnt have these problems

      • Eblah420

        At least I don’t get booted mid game from a network that you need to pay for, and good luck finding HD DVD’s

      • Eblah420

        At least I don’t get booted mid game from a network that you need to pay for, and good luck finding HD DVD’s

      • ps3 owns.

        decent console? ive owned 4 xbox 360s all different versions and never had one work for more than a few months. the ONLY thing good about xbox is halo, but thats not worth giving up my better graphics and higher qualityt system for.

        • Ownage

          xbox only messes up if you cry after you get raped in ll gay games u probably play. quit throwin the controller at the tv and stompin the xbox and u shud be good. my original xbox lasted 3 years and im a hardcore gamer and its still goin strong. ps3 is only better for noobs to pown and a free network for all the poor 8 year olds with no mic. I think thats y your ps3 is still running. Ive swtched from call of duty on xbox to ps3 one day and i was level 1 and went 24-0. My point is it requires no skill and therefore no frustration. Have a nice day.

        • Guest

          Oh the joys of internet trash talk

        • Dereklovesemily

          So just having a PS3 requires no skill?? Everyone in this room who read your post has already lost 20 IQ points. While youre hunting down HD-DVD’s and scouring up money to pay for your next month of Live, I’ll be enjoying a top of the line blu-ray player, an Internet browser, and online multiplayer gaming…mall for free. Own age has been Pwned

        • Rebelxxofxxwar

          ps3 truely blows!!!…Blu-ray is over rated>>(have a player anyways)…The internet is meant to be used like a normal person on the damn computer…I only pay 24.99 a year for my subscription to xbox live…Its totally worth it too…Never in my life have I enjoyed a system soo much…I still remember when the first xbox came out and the graphics were 10x better than that of a Gaystation!!..I guess it is for me as it is for everybody!!( a preference)….Soo all you PS3 gamers gonna hate on Xbox and all us 360 gamers gonna hate on you guys!!..Oh yeah and kinect is far better than whatever that colorful wand playing crap is

        • Guest

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    • Jerkyboyz420

      yea fool, buy an xbox!

  • Seadreamer

    Disappointed. PS3 Elite are treated as 2nd class citizens. ACT/IW may havedone a deal with the devil to release on Xbox 1st but, provide the date for PS3 Elite members?

    This whole DLC has been shrouded in secrecy and seems more reactive than planned.  I cannot see the improvement in releasing DLC through this approach as previous with BOPS, MW2 etc. At least we had a date to look forward to.

    The Elite website leaves a lot to be desired, scripts not working with latest IE, cannot set challenges, you need to Youtube how to set Clans and fulfil associated challenges. Everyone bemoans and very few have bought into it.

    None of my friends have bought the Elite Prmium subsdcription so I will need to go it alone and hope they buy the same maps at a later date. If this DLC is overpriced to non-Premium it will be the death of this series.

    Were all looking forward to Black Ops 2 as we can see that some of the good virtues of BOPS were not adopted by IW…

    MW3, the ingame/lobby chat is still absolutly pantz, BOPS was prestine in comparison. I can barely understand my friends most of the time. If we jump back to BOPS all is well…

    • Guest

      Problem isn’t IW, it’s Acitivison. They are the ones claiming the gamers misunderstood when 360 would always be getting the content first. I do agree that it all appears reactionary versus planned releases. Epic fail.

  • I’m not buying Elite and nor should anyone else, the next step will be making a ‘Pro Elite’ account where you get stuff that Elite gamers won’t get. WHERE WILL IT STOP

  • Onesiphorus

    This is in the cellphone section….might need to be moved to gaming? lol

  • carlo

    we should get the dlc at the same time! also spliting it up is a joke! will be bord of the 2 maps after a few days! we arnt geting any more than normal just having to wait longer and where paying a subscription joke!!!!!

  • Squeak84040

    This is BS that Xbox gets thier DLC before PS3 and PC. Everything should come out at the same time, to be fair to everyone.

    • Gghgg

      No bs is Elite Elite is bs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!