Employee claims iPhone 5 ready to go

By Gary Johnson - Jan 25, 2012

We recently told you about some new camera sensors from Sony that would help Apple release a slimmer iPhone 5. As usual the build up to an Apple product launch can go on for months with various rumors and speculation. Now there is news of a Foxconn employee who claims that the iPhone 5 is almost ready to go into production.

9To5 Mac are reporting that they have been contacted by a reliable source based at Foxconn over in China, who claims that the next version of the iPhone is currently being geared for production. It is being claimed that a variety of sample devices are currently sitting around the factory.

These are said to be slightly different from one to another so it is not known which of them will be the production model. There are some things that are the same though that includes a 4-inch+ display with at least one of them made by LG. None of the devices feature a teardrop form factor though and are longer and wider, as well as being symmetrical in thickness.

The samples also don’t resemble the iPhone 4 or 4S shape either, and none of the devices are final versions. The production for the iPhone 4S didn’t get underway until late spring ahead of the October launch. It seems going on the history of the device with around a five month lead time; Apple may be back on route for its usual WWDC launch in the summer.

The source correctly tipped that the iPhone 5 was not coming last year, and that the company was producing the iPhone 4S instead according to 9To5 Mac. Do you hope the iPhone 5 returns to its usual summer launch?

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  • Rsliweck1

     ever year they said bigger screen,but still 3.7

  • Rsliweck1

     ever year they said bigger screen,but still 3.7

  • Anonymous

    It will be crappy for anyone who bought a 4S if the 6th gen comes so soon

    • Luis Hernandez

      That what happens when people are not patient.