Rockstar promises GTA 5 update next month

By Gary Johnson - Jan 24, 2012

One game that will certainly cause a stir if it is released this year will be the new Grand Theft Auto title. Since the trailer was teased last November the rumor mill about the game has gone into over drive, with various release dates and features rumored. Some of this speculation may soon be put to bed as Rockstar Games promises some GTA 5 updates as soon as next month.

According to an article over at Gameranx a fan of the series from the GTA Forums got in touch with Rockstar. He sent the company an email asking about the upcoming game but didn’t expect to hear anything back. But surprisingly he received an email in reply that said to keep an eye on the Rockstar Newswire next month for news about Grand Theft Auto V.

The fan could have made the story up but it is probably unlikely so we could get to hear some solid details about the game in only a few weeks. There has been increased speculation recently that the game may not hit the shelves until next year.

This was heightened once the news came out that Max Payne 3 was pushed back to May, and it seems that Rockstar might wait until 2013 before the releasing the game. Others have hinted the game may be released during the busy holiday season and go up against the likes of the annual Call of Duty release.

While Rockstar may not provide an actual date for the game next month, they will hopefully give a rough timeframe for it. We could also get hear about the actual game details to whet the appetite even further.

What do you think Rockstar Games will reveal next month?

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  • Dizzywizzy_87

    check out the back number plate of the police car around 1.58 – top left…you will see ‘OCT’ which obviously stands for october

  • gamergurlx

    i don’t want max payne i want GTA 5! :

  • mirmihir

    I don’t know why everyone is saying I made the thread, GrandTheftAuto101 did.

  • Daviescw

    In a very very recognized retail chain in new zealand they have advertised it on there website and in there brochures for $99 nzd with tbc for date of release, 2 platforms which are ps3 and xbox

  • If you look at the pattern of Videos Released in their YouTube feed, it would make sense. They’ve been having about one video every month for a while now and can’t think of anything for them to announce next month.

  • horror games

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  • horror games

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  • horror games

    Fake. mirmihir Copy and pasted onto a real Rockstar reply is all. FAKE FAKE FAKE and PROVEN FAKE!

  • Jim

    ^Liar also his name started with an m.

  • Andrewvale91

    the Characters the main Character and when Rockstar finally reveal the release date 

  • Yeah man

    The username of the fan at GTA Forums is GrandTheftAuto101

    • GTA-King

      ^ Liar!

      The real fan that sent the email is mirmihir.