PS Vita may slim down

By Gary Johnson - Jan 24, 2012

It is only a few weeks now until Sony launches its new handheld gaming console to the world following the device hitting the shelves in Japan. Despite a slow start in Japan the device is expected to see a good demand from gamers. Now there is talk that the PS Vita could eventually slim down with future versions of the device.

The designer of the Sony Walkman and the PS Vita, Takashi Sogabe, has spoken to and stated he would like future versions of the PS Vita to be slimmer than the launch model. He was talking in an interview at the Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japanese HQ recently.

Sogabe is also in charge of the Corporate Design Centre, and mentioned that in the future he would like to use metal for the system instead of the current plastic materials currently used as the Vita is developed.

He said that there is a constant battle between designers and engineers, and revealed that the original design of the PS Vita was a lot slimmer than the launch model. Sogabe added that “thinner is better-looking, but the engineers wanted to put all the features in”.

There is a chance that it may happen in the future but depends on the engineers coming up with a solution for it to happen. He feels that the both the analogue sticks and buttons were maybe not in the ideal position, but it was possibly “the best solution from a publisher’s point of view”.

Metal couldn’t currently be used for the Vita because of the antennae inside the body, so plastic had to be used. Many devices are getting slimmer now as the technology for internal components is improving all the time, so there is no reason why it couldn’t eventually happen to the PS Vita as it did with the PS3.

Are you planning on picking up the PS Vita? Which version will you be getting?

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