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Nokia already has large slice of Windows Phone 7

Nokia is pinning its hopes in gaining market share in the smartphone market on the Windows Phone platform. As the Finnish manufacturer begins releasing more handsets with the operating system it has emerged that Nokia already has a large slice of the Windows Phone platform.

It seems that the early signs of the Nokia and Microsoft partnership are looking good, and an article over at TG Daily is saying that Nokia already has 45 percent of the current generation Windows Phone devices. Only just behind is HTC that currently has 40 percent of the market.

Making up the top three is Samsung with only 12 percent of the market. Nokia decided to ditch its Symbian operating system in favor of Windows Phone in an effort to get its brand back into the spotlight, and make an impact in markets such as the US. It is also hoped by both companies the partnership will help it compete with the iPhone and Android platforms.

At the moment it is certainly getting the Nokia name back into the limelight, which has been helped by the entry level Lumia 710. The device offers consumers with less money the chance to get onto the platform, and also gives them their first taste of the operating system.

For now the platform is still a long way behind the likes of Android and iOS but it is a promising start. Many consumers are seemingly reluctant to give the Windows Phone operating system a try, and instead choose either the iPhone or Android platform.

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