Star Wars Kinect release date outed

By Gary Johnson - Jan 23, 2012

When Nintendo first brought us the Wii it changed gaming forever with the way we interact with video games. The system has been arguably passed by the offering from Microsoft for the Xbox 360, and there are a number of great titles already available or waiting in the wings. One such title is the Kinect Star Wars that may have had its release date outed.

The game has seen a lengthy delay and may have finally been given a release date, but not via the standard route. UK retailer Argos has just launched its new spring/summer catalogue, and according to a report on MCV the game is listed for an April release.

Designed exclusively for the Xbox 360 Kinect motion controller, the game has been praised and criticized for its game play during its development. It has to be remembered though that this listing could be wrong, but the Microsoft Game Studios had previously said the game would finally launch this spring, so it may be accurate.

The retailer normally brings out two new catalogues each year and could have easily guessed at the release date. When Microsoft were contacted regarding the date the spring time frame was confirmed, and that the company will have more news to reveal soon.

It also makes you wonder if the game could find its way onto Windows with the release of the Kinect device for the platform fast approaching. Meanwhile strangely Amazon has the game listed for a December 31st 2012 shipping date.

Will you be getting Kinect Star Wars?

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  • Schotty7

    Just been told June 1st release date. What a joke! Canceling my ore-order now. Lift your game Microsoft!!!

    • DethKngt

      Rather have it when it works rather than rushed to market.

      Good on them for pushing the date back, would have been better not to anounce in the first place when not ready but that’s the market now.