Galaxy Nexus release spurs Apple into action

By Gary Johnson - Jan 23, 2012

Despite Samsung providing a lot of components for some of Apple’s products, and looking to expand facilities to increase this further, the legal spats between the two companies continue to escalate. Today we have news that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus release spurs Apple into more action against its rival.

Apple has launched a legal challenge to the Galaxy Nexus as the legal battle between the two companies continues over into this year. According to an article over at TechRadar lawyers for the company have taken to a German court, and have accused Samsung of copying the iOS slide to unlock feature with the Android ICS running device.

This decision by Apple is looking to focus on both its hardware and software rivals. The handset is Samsung’s latest flagship device, and was the first handset to come running the latest Google Android operating system.

Only last Friday a court in the same country threw out claims by Samsung that the iPhone had broken its patents regarding 3G technology. According to Florian Mueller, a patent analyst, it looks like Samsung is still determined to fight against Apple.

Meanwhile the handset in question has been pretty well received since it was first released. Besides the new Android operating system it comes with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. This is coupled with the lovely 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display that has 1280 x 720 resolution, and 1GB of RAM.

Do you think that Samsung has a case to answer or Apple just getting worried about their rival?

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  • Mistajase

    My backyard gate had a ‘slide to unlock’ feature when i was 5 years old… or will Apple be suing gate manufacturers for stealing their so called ‘innovative’  ideas! 
    Apple are a greedy company in my eyes, they complain over stupid features like this, but did anyone complain when apple stole the ‘pull down notification bar’ from android…. nope.

  • Jonathanbruce

    I don’t agree. To me it’s blatently obvious that Samsung are copying Apple.
    Apple should never have used Samsung from the beginning to bring the iPhone to the masses.

  • Rijans

    Apple don’t aspect anyone to build better device than them. Shame on Apple.