Asus reveal time frame for Eee Pad Transformer ICS update

By Gary Johnson - Jan 22, 2012

The latest Asus Transformer Prime tablet PC has been in the news a lot recently, which was mainly when the device started to receive the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Some users once upgrading their device found that it would suddenly reboot without warning. Today though we have news of the original Eee Pad Transformer, as Asus reveal the time frame for the ICS update for the older device.

A user of the device took to Facebook to ask how long it takes for Google to approve the version of Ice Cream Sandwich for the device. According to a report over at Electronista Asus replied that the Eee Pad Transformer will receive the new software in the middle of February.

This is not the first time a February date has been mentioned though, as earlier this month we told you that Asus had originally said it would be coming in January. The company then withdrew this date but an insider from the company then said the month of February will be when the update will be arriving.

The latest word from Asus didn’t go in to details about the rollout of the software, but the Wi-Fi only releases should allow users to upgrade in a matter of days now. The new operating system will bring the updated interface with improved speed, but it’s not thought to be as a major change seen with the phones.

Owners of the Transformer Prime saw the update released last week even though the device was released quite a while after the original device. They will see an even faster operating system thanks to the units Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

Do you own the Eee Pad Transformer? What do you think of it?

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  • Stephane Trahan

    Got my Transformer TF101 at the end of April 2011 when it came out… Still loving it and using it every day with or without the docking station (depending on the need). I am not a gamer so I don’t see any advantage in trading for the Prime. Oh, and I strongly recommend using the FREE Splashtop app, works perfectly and very useful if you want to play so of your PC games directly on your Tablet.

  • Frankam69

    I got the new tablet about 5 days ago now and love it. However have issues with the Wi-Fi cutting in and out regularly. Does anyone have the same issue? Any ideas?

  • Cwmitchell19

    Im actually reading this article on my Asus Transformer. This is the only tablet that I have ever owned and I got it for Christmas last year. I absolutely LOVE this thing. I am not an apple fan AT ALL so Iwasnot about to go and get a bloated IPad and I don’t need the newest and greatest tech and for me this tablet is perfect! I will be getting the optional keyboard doc as soon as I have the money as well and that will let me get rid of scarring around my 17“ laptop around with me everywhere. I have watched several blu ray quility movies off the transformer and love the screen resolution and the speakers. All in all Ihave looked at several tablets and this one seemed to be the biggest bang for your buck and the optional keyboard dock is an added expence yes but its just one thing that makes it totally different from other tablets. I’m sure the Prime is even better but I’m happy with much Tf101.

    • SLtheboywholived

      i too am happy of owning the original transformer, after a couple of days of having my eee pad, I
      felt nearly backstabbed of the announcement of the prime, that I would have had if I were to delay a day or two of my transformer purchase, it made me even more jealous of its incredible improvements unlike the first model, I was having trouble of making a choice of refunding or not, eventually, I did what’s best for me so I didn’t make the refund at all,
      So to All Transformer tf101 users out there!! Let the original transformer be a legend, an idol for
      the legendary tablets in the world, A tab to be rememberred, to be known, to be appreciated,!!!
      I don’t care if u like it or not, just make the right choice in life, don’t let others make the choices for you, BE YOURSELF

      Yours Truly

      • John Blair

        Good call. The Prime, for all its sexy looks and processor is not substantially different. I have had both, and while i love the Prime, i miss my transformer. At least with my transformer, i wasnt costantly wiping fingerprints off the “SPUN METAL”, LOL! And the original version works almost exactly the same, except for a few games.. You should never second guess your decision, and if it was right for you.. Having the latest and greatest is not all its cracked up to be.