Windows Phone tipped to overtake iOS

By Gary Johnson - Jan 20, 2012

Currently in the mobile market the two biggest players are obviously Android and the iPhone, with Windows Phone and BlackBerry fighting for the scraps. Now surprisingly the Windows Phone platform is being tipped to overtake iOS.

According to a report on TechEye, IHS analysts believe that in three years the operating system from Microsoft will have beaten iOS in popularity. Some think that Apple will never regain its position from the Android platform, let alone lose its number two position to Windows Phone.

But Wayne Lam from the company thinks that Nokia’s efforts to push the Windows Phone platform forward are something worth keeping an eye on. He claims that the likes of the Lumia 900 and handsets after it will help the platform to claim the number two spot by 2015.

Currently estimates put the Windows Phone market share at only two percent of all smartphones shipped last year. Lam thinks this will increase to 16.7 percent within only three years. This will put the platform just ahead of iOS, but still trailing behind Android.

Lam feels the Microsoft and Nokia tie up will prove to be successful, and other handset manufacturers will also push the platform more. The analyst likes the way Nokia are trying to force their way back into the US market with the Lumia 900, but doesn’t say how Microsoft and Nokia will topple the opposition.

It is thought that Nokia will be looking at the business sector of the mobile market, which was once a stronghold of the RIM BlackBerry platform. It would be surprising if the Windows Phone platform can actually overtake the iPhone, only time will tell.

Do you think Windows Phone can overtake iOS?

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  • Pguilf

    WTF! There is no way that Windows Phone will ever overtake Android or IOS. Lam needs his head examined. Apple will continue to develop the hardware and software to make their products attractive ad desirable and this will ensure that they remain at the top. Google will also continue to build Android to take advantage of the gains they have made. Only of these two stopped development would Microsoft catch up by 2016!

    • Agent_blade

      Dont shoot microsoft down so quicky man

      • Classy_655

        i have no daught that microsoft and nokia partnership will be successful. i trust in both companies