Black Ops 2 perks – your ideas and blacklist

By Jamie Pert - Jan 21, 2012

Now that Activision has reportedly brought the domain we’re almost certain that this will be the next release in the Call of Duty franchise, today we thought it’s a perfect time to start speculation about the game’s perks for multiplayer game modes.

We will start with perks, we doubt things will change too much as the three perk slot system still works well in our opinion and the ability to unlock pro abilities gives gamers something to aim for, however we think that it would be a great idea if perks had standard abilities, pro abilities and elite abilities. The latter of which requires you to complete very complicated challenges before you unlock them – let’s use Lightweight as an example, this perk as standard allows you to move faster, whilst the pro ability also ensures that you do not take damage from falling, perhaps the elite ability could add something like one of the proficiencies in MW3 – perhaps faster melee attacks.

You could go through all the perks pretty easily and give them an elite ability, this will really ensure that gamers work hard to complete challenges and rank up their perks – maybe Treyarch could make it so you can only unlock elite perks after you have prestiged at least once, what do you think of our ideas?

In terms of perks we expect a similar list to what was available in Black Ops (with the same pro abilities), perks slot 1 will probably consist of Lightweight, Scavenger, Ghost, Flak Jacket and Hardline. Perk slot 2 will almost certainly give you the choice between Hardened, Scout, Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand and Warlord whilst perk 3 should give you the choice between Tactical Mask, Marathon, Ninja, Second Chance and Hacker. There’s a chance that the names of these perks may change, or their effectiveness will be tweaked, some may be nurfed, some may be buffed – we will have to wait and see!

For now we want you all to get opinionated in the comments section below, let us know which perks you don’t want to see in Black Ops 2, some new perks ideas you have and whether you like the sound of elite perk abilities.

Personally I hated it when peopled camped up when playing objective-based game modes like Headquarters using the One Man Army perk this allowed them to switch between classes and have an endless supply of RPGs etc, not only is this unrealistic but it’s a cheap way to play. One other perk which I found pretty useless was Tactical Mask, yes it does protect you against NOVA Gas and when pro boasts a few more abilities, but I think it doesn’t come in handy often enough. One other perk which I can’t stand is Second Chance, you can see why I hate it so much here, I’m not going to even get myself started! Here’s some ideas of perks which could replace them:

Playing Dead – a perk which allows you to appear dead to your enemies.
Nimble – a perk which allows you to jump up walls and over obstacles much faster than normally.
Knife armor – the enemy can’t see this perk, it results in you being able to take two melee attacks.
Overkill – A few extra rounds are fired at an enemy when they fall into second chance.

Do you have better ideas? If so, share them!

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  • your god

    The writer is a slut

  • ArseneWenger30(PSN ID)

    I think the UAV should be put at a 5 killstreak, this would then cut down on the use of Ghost. Second Chance needs taking out,Scavenger needs to be just flash or stun grenades, then the pro version is ammo replenish,take out lightweight>>>pointless perk, If they are putting stalker in, then don’t make the pro version delay claymores, this makes the perk overpowered. The knife needs taking out, it needs dedicated servers  and if they are going to leave the knife in then make it a two hit kill. If they put that stupid PLAYING DEAD perk in i won’t buy the game…it’s the most stupid idea i have ever heard of.   

  • wills

    absolutey terrible article:

    Tactical Mask Pro was comfortably the best tier 3 perk on Black Ops. Prevented from being affected by Stuns and Flash were amazing in Objective game modes. Also told you what direction the enemy is when you hit them with a Stun/Flash. As well as this, people think they have stunned you (as they still get the hitmarkers) but you don’t get stunned.Then the author says he hates camping….yet he suggests a perk that allows a player to lie prone playing dead?
    ANd of course using RPGs and 1 man Army isn’t possible, as 1 man army takes up the secondary perk. You’re thinking of Grenade Launchers. 
    Poorly thought out article

  • bash

    retarded writer.

  • Shada112

    You must be joking, though Mr Bowling might give you a job. Tac mash pro is a must when you play HQ though you sound like most players for want if a better word who sit around the objective looking for handy kills. Look at your win/los

  • ABCD

    this guy is an idiot.

  • Richard Fox

    I think there should be a thing that EVERY player has on multiplayer. A kind of UAV that gives away their posistion every 15 seconds if they dont move more than 15 feet than their poisiton for 10 seconds. And is not allowed to be removed by ghost or assasin. (from MW3) It would really help if people are camping

  • killer duhh

    NO SECOND CHANCE(LAST STAND) PERKS OR FOR DEATH STREAKS!!!!!! I can speak for all cod players on that and pleaseee have a perk where you can see an enemy or flash on the map in their location if their camping in one spot more than 15sec.! Thats one of the biggest problems on cod

    • Agreed. Any form of last stand needs to be removed. I like to know what to expect. I shoot you, you die. Not I shoot you, you get invincible, you kill me, someone else kills my kill.

  • Johno_410

    do agree with nimble perk not to sure about others

  • moorbre

    “using the Warlord perk, this allowed them to switch between classes and have an endless supply of RPGs etc, not only is this unrealistic but it’s a cheap way to play.”urmmm whatt, how? it gave you two attachments, what you described sounded like one man army which wasnt even in black ops :S please do your research :s

    • my apologies, I mean to wrote One Man Army, thanks for pointing that out