Samsung Galaxy S3 specs to include all day battery life

By Gary Johnson - Jan 19, 2012

Many consumers look at new smartphones being released and see how many features it has, and how fast the processor is. Trouble is as the demand for more powerful devices increases with new supercharged processors, battery technology has been left behind. There has been many great new handsets being released, but as users use more power hungry features such as 4G, battery life suffers. There is now a good chance that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have an all day battery life.

Only yesterday we had reports that Samsung may have recently teased the device in a promotional video. But the company has set itself the target of all of its new smartphones having a one day battery life, which according to Cnet will be for average to moderately heavy use.

Vice president of Samsung’s product innovation, Kevin Packingham, said that the company doesn’t want customers having any anxiety about their battery life. Features such as larger displays, 4G LTE, and faster processors have all contributed to lower battery life on our smartphones.

Many devices have been plagued by the problem, and Motorola recently revealed the Droid RAZR MAXX with is slightly bigger form factor for a bigger battery. Samsung will now also use bigger batteries, but also look at better ways to optimize the device to make better use of features such as turning on the 4G LTE radio.

Now that the likes of Verizon have expanded their LTE network the device won’t have to always search out a connection. Even though improvements will be made heavy users will just have to get used to having a charger to hand, or other options to provide power.

Are you happy with the battery life from your handset?

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  • Ffitchner

    Small and thin is nice but i prefer battery life first. I have the galaxy nexus and for me i figure about 5000mah would be perfect. I dont think it would have to be that much thicker to achieve this. And when have you ever REALLY heard complaints about someones pho.e being too thick as compaired to complaints on battery life.

  • andrew1953

    With something like a Galaxy Note which has features for slot of tablet work, I hope they put a ginormous battery under the hood.

  • Anonymous

    On my Galaxy Nexus factory 1850 battery i get 13hr which in my book is pretty fair and that’s with 2 gmail accts syncing, facebook and google plu. On my extended battery at 2100 mah i get 17 to 18 hrs of battery life either way i am happy just carry an extra battery plain and simple. I have to applaud that 3300 mah battery on the Droid Maxx if moto can do that trust me samsung will come out soon with something. Might just see another battery for there baby my galaxy nexus..

  • Hakan Akanay

    can you do a battle with samsung galaxy s3 v iphone 5 please

    • Anonymous

      iphone 6 *

      neither phone has been released and little if any info is known about either, so… not really worthwhile