PS Vita sales continue their downward spiral

By Gary Johnson - Jan 19, 2012

Just before the end of last year we brought you the news that sales of Sony’s new portable gaming system had dropped during the busy Christmas period, and wondered if the company needed to drop the price of the console. Now there is news that the PS Vita sales continue their downward spiral in Japan.

Sales of the device are continuing to struggle, and according to a report on Pocket Gamer sold only 18,361 units during the Vita’s fifth week of being available. During the first week of being available the device managed to shift around 320,000 units, but during the second week this dropped almost 78 percent to around 72,000.

Then some resellers of the device dropped the asking price for the 3G version of the Vita, but it doesn’t seem to have been enough to cause a spike in sales. These latest sales figures represent around a 95 percent drop in sales from the first week, and may cause some concern at Sony headquarters.

Compare these figures of only 18,361 for the Vita to the Nintendo 3DS that managed to shift an impressive 100, 668 units. Even the old PSP achieved to shift 22,538 units during the same week, beating the PS Vita by 4,177 units.

It is only a few weeks now until the console launches in the US and Europe, and only then will we really be able to see how successful the PS Vita will become. We believe it will do really well and feel that many consumers may sit tight and wait a while before taking the plunge with the Vita.

Do you plan to purchase the PS Vita?

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  • Yes. They need to worry, assuming they expect to make profit. With the stress they had with the PS3 and XBox taking the lead, they should be careful how they tread. Of course the “new” Nintendo portable isn’t fairing as well as they hoped either. Of course, in a down economy…which console will take the lead will most likely be the cheapest, period.

  • Anonymous

    I almost never played my PSP so I think a Vita would also be an expensive dust collector. I’m happy with the DS XL