Next Infinity Ward Call of Duty may be on PS4, Xbox 720

By Gary Johnson - Jan 19, 2012

We have had a lot of speculation regarding the next games console from both Sony and Microsoft over the past few months. Both of the companies have distanced themselves from the rumors and have stressed that the current models still have plenty of life in them yet. Now there is talk that the next Infinity Ward Call of Duty title may be on the PS4 and Xbox 720.

Back in October we told you that Treyarch were looking for a new senior software engineer for a next generation console. Now according to a report on the Metro there are five job listings that have appeared on Infinity Ward’s website. One of these is for a Senior Animator and requests for people that are interested ‘in working with next-generation technologies’.

Another listing for a Senior Environment Artist also mentions about working with ‘next gen shaders’ and also ‘next-gen textures’. Last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was developed by Infinity Ward, and many believe that this year it will be the turn of Black Ops developer Treyarch. This has been rumored to be Black Ops 2 but a prequel.

With this in mind next year’s Call of Duty installment will most likely be from Infinity Ward, and the end of 2013 is the earliest any new Xbox or PlayStation will be available, so it could be for these new consoles.

We mustn’t forget as well that sometime during the summer will see the release of the Nintendo Wii U, so all these various job listings could easily be to work on that. But Sledgehammer are also planning on making a Call of Duty title, and have already begun recruiting for an unnamed high level console. But whether this will come before or after Infinity Ward’s next title is not known at present.

Many gamers are in no rush for new consoles to be released as the current models are seeing some great games being released. There will also be people who are not ready to splash out big amounts of cash on new hardware either.

Are you hoping the next gen from Sony and Microsoft is at least two years away?

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  • Andyrake

    Sorry but i want a new console. I want better graphics, bigger games, more immersion. I dont care if my current 360 or PS3 are ok, life needs to move on and we could all be dead tomorrow, why wait another 5 years to bring out the next consoles when they themselves will have a lifespan of 8-10yrs? christ i’ll be 70 before they bring out consoles they should be bringing out now.

    Microsof…Sony…dont wait! get on with it, us gamers are gagging for new tech, its the way of the world.