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Final Fantasy Versus XIII: No release date yet, but pleasing update

We have had a frequent stream of Final Fantasy related news regarding Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the highly anticipated Final Fantasy X HD for PS3 and PS Vita. What we haven’t heard anything about though is Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but we’re pleased to say that we now have some good news for you.

Unfortunately it isn’t the elusive release date that you’re all looking for, but it is still pretty good news as Square-Enix has confirmed that the next time they show the game, it will be real-time gameplay footage taken directly on the PS3, and not pre-rendered, pre-packaged content from a trailer.

Tetsuya Nomura is the director and producer for the infamous game and he has given an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu revealing some new details about the game. He has said that the game has improved a lot since the last trailer we saw, and that graphics in particular have been upgraded.

He also revealed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will contain pre-rendered events using real-time cinematics and also effects created by Square Enix’s Visual Works department. According to Nomura, the ratio between real time and rendered cutscenes is thought to be around 7 to 3 respectively.

We may not have to wait until E3 2012 to see the game next either, as Nomura also confirmed that they are planning to hold a Final Fantasy Versus XIII event, in which the world will finally get a solid look at how the game has progressed after being in oblivion for so many years. We’re not particularly bothered when we actually see the game next, but we just hope that it lives up to expectations as there is intense pressure on Square-Enix to deliver a game which firmly puts the company back on the top of the RPG game, especially after the disappointments of previous games. Just so you’re aware though, Tetsuya Nomura also worked on Final Fantasy VII so Final Fantasy Versus XIII is probably going to be the best game to come out since FFX.

Speaking of FFX, Noruma also mentioned to Famitsu that development is well underway for the PS3 and PS Vita remake. Will we be seeing the first gameplay for this title at E3 as well? We sure hope so. If you are still pumped up about Versus XIII, let us know your thoughts on that real time, pre-render ratio.



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