Xbox 360 Metro UI dashboard update & app launch is a huge success

By Jamie Pert - Jan 18, 2012

Since the Xbox 360 first arrived in late 2005 we have seen lots of updates rolled-out over Xbox Live to improve the overall experience, in early December Microsoft overhauled the 360 once again with what’s been dubbed the ‘Metro UI’ and this brought a similar layout to what we see in Windows Phone 7 and the Windows 8 beta to Microsoft’s console along with some other neat features.

One of the most noticeable improvements was more solid support and integration of apps, a recent EuroGamer article has confirmed that entertainment app usage has gone up 50% since the dashboard update based on data collected in November 2011 and December 2011. When you compare figures from 2010 to 2011 there was 140% growth in terms of video consumed globally on Xbox LIVE and we predict even stronger growth when 2012’s statistics come in.

Other figures suggest that 60% of all Xbox Live Gold members used entertainment apps in December for on average 1 hour per day, this shows that people aren’t just trying out these apps and forgetting about them, they are returning to them and using them over and over again – this suggests that enhanced support for apps is popular with Xbox 360 owners.

On a personal note I used to use a HTPC to watch online streaming services on my HDTV in my living room, however since the update I have not turned this HTPC on as my 360 now allows me to catch up on TV episodes and movies thanks to apps such as 4oD, Demand 5 and Netflix. In fact using the 4OD app I have saved money as I was going to buy the Peep Show and Phoneshop box sets, however all the episodes for these programs are on Channel 4’s servers ready to stream – hopefully the BBC iPlayer app will hurry up!

Have you watched more video on your 360 than ever before since the dashboard update?

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  • siper101

    Wouldn’t call it a huge success. Not one bit. Its rubbish outdated content, I only get 5 sky channels, nothing watchable on daily motion or msn. And I certainly won’t be paying additional subscription fee’s to use lovefilm or netflix. They have STILL not put in iplayer, STILL can’t find any useful information as to WHY their is no iplayer, and bare in mind I brought this stupid thing over the PS3 in the understanding I would be paying £40 a year to GET iplayer. STILL no internet browser. This console is no match for sony in the slightest. I hate the stupid thing, its not the consoles fault, its the brain dead money-hording scum bags at microsoft. Think its getting to the point now where I cut my losses, flog this piece of 360 junk and either get a ps3 or sit in the dark twiddling my thumbs.