Vodafone features Yoda in latest RED Box ads campaign

Many of you if not all of you will have seen or heard of the film Star Wars or any of the six Star Wars movies from the series. Created by George Lucas in 1977, it was huge throughout the 80s and is still today one of the best sci-fi movies/series ever made. Now Vodafone will be hoping to have similar success by using one of the movies star characters, Jedi Master Yoda in their latest ads campaign.

The small goblin like creature is 900 years old and will be used in several new TV commercials for the network to demonstrate how strong the ‘Force’ is with them. The aim of the campaign is to encourage Vodafone network users to get the most out of their mobile devices by using and experimenting with new apps and functions.

As the Mirror reports, the ads are also being produced by a visual effects team that is part of Lucasfilm called Industrial Light & Magic with the voice of Yoda coming from actor Tom Kane. In the first commercial Yoda is seen trying to use his powers in order to help a couple with dilemma of transferring contacts from one mobile to another. Of course he finds that his powers are not necessary thanks to Vodafone’s Red Box service, which automatically does it for you.

One spokesperson for the company said ‘The campaign with Yoda shows that you don’t need to be a Jedi Master to unlock the power of mobile internet.’ The first ad is scheduled to be aired in the UK tomorrow between 8pm and 9pm on Channel 4 but if you cannot wait until then you can watch it here below. What do you think of the advert? Will it entice you to take advantage of Vodafone’s services?



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