Take home the Samsung SUR40 Microsoft Surface table

The Consumer Electronics Show has been and gone but not before a wide range of impressive products from various manufacturers, which included both new and well-known names, were revealed. There were also a number of obscure products unveiled one of which actually came from well-known manufacturer Samsung, with their SUR40, a 40” multi-touch table top.

While CES showcased a lot of technology that isn’t quite available for consumers to own yet, this futuristic table from Samsung fell into the category of soon to be available, meaning consumers will soon be able to take the SUR40 home. Of course with the technology this genius device is packing it is likely that those intended to own one will have to part with a fair amount of dosh.

The stylish design consists of the latest touchscreen technology from Microsoft 2.0 and a full 1080p high definition display. It also features PixelSense technology and hidden cameras under the table that allow for the recognition of over 50 simultaneous touch-points being poked and prodded. The developers have been able to create various apps for the device too, making it one of the largest tablets the world has ever seen.

While the SUR40, or Surface 2.0 as it is also referred to, is not a necessity by any means, it does stand to be a stylish addition to one’s living room and is sure to impress your friends. However those friends better be worth it as if as if you are planning to get one you’re looking at spending around $8000 or $9000. It will begin shipping at the end of this month. Check out TechCrunch for more details where you will also find a video of the table in all its glory.

Would you consider buying the Samsung SUR40?



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