Skyrim patch update 1.4 launch info imminent? – Bethesda

By Jamie Pert - Jan 18, 2012

A few weeks ago the hype surrounding the next major Skyrim title update was unignorable, however Bethesda Softworks kept very quiet and eventually the buzz died down a little. Now we have spotted that Bethesda has used Twitter to excite Skyrim fans around the world once more by hinting that the long-awaited 1.4 patch isn’t too far away.

Quite surprisingly the information came to light when someone called Thomas Burt tweeted the Bethblog this message: @Bethblog Wondering when we can expect to see the 1.4 update. Thanks. We’re sure that this isn’t the first question which has asked for such information, however it is the first which we have seen that got a respone, here’s what the official Bethesda Softworks Twitter account said in reply: @ThomasBurt should have some more info to share very soon. You can see the tweets for yourself here.

As you can see Bethesda say that information regarding the 1.4 update for Skyrim is going to be shared very soon, therefore we think it’s fair to say that the update should arrive ‘very soon’ as well. It has now been over a month since patch 1.3 hit Xbox Live, PSN and Steam, therefore we believe that Bethesda’s team of developers have been very hard at work on a substantial patch which will make the game better than it already is – perhaps it will prepare the PC version of the game for the Skyrim creation kit and launch simultaneously with it – we sure hope so!

We don’t yet have a full breakdown of changes which this update will bring, however we have been told that the lag which occurs on the PS3 version of the game should be eradicated. Some PS3 gamers remain understandably skeptical, and we don’t blame them as this isn’t the first time that an update has been release to fix this particular issue – we shouldn’t have to wait too long to see if people’s skepticism is correct.

For now all we know is that info regarding patch 1.4 will be coming very soon, but to us it sounds like it is almost ready to go live, we will have to tell you more when we hear more on the matter.

Do you think that patch 1.4 is less than a week away?

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  • Dodgy Des (The Con Man)

    To be honest, I don’t really care anymore. I’m wanting XIII-2 more than anything. Maybe I’ll go back on Skyrim in the future but it doesn’t really give me that excited feeling anymore. Last time I went on it I thought ‘I wonder what glitches I’ll encounter today’. The thing I love about Square Enix is that your pretty much guaranteed to not have any kinds of glitches like these in their games 😉

  • Bugthesda

    The patch is probably only gonna create even more bugs, like always.
    Bethesda sux.

  • Quirkyblonde

    OH HEAVENS, I sure hope it will be released soon!  I’ve been checking several times a day and even set up a google alert to let me know when the Creation Kit will be released. I’m DYING to get started on real modding!