Mario Party 9 gets dated for release

By Gary Johnson - Jan 18, 2012

This could prove to be a big year for Nintendo as it nears the release of its new Wii U console. The 3DS continues to sell well after a slow start, and the company’s various platforms have a great lineup of games due for release as well. We can now tell that Mario Party 9 is dated for release.

Many gamers favorite character will be making a comeback on the current Wii Console across Europe on March 2nd. The game is only available on the Wii platform, and according to Electronic Theatre will feature a whole host of new game modes. These include battles against bosses and also new playable characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.

You will have to think one step ahead of your opponents in the new game as you try to collect the most Mini Stars, and beat Bowser. Mario Party 9 has 80 new mini games that are accessible to all Mario fans that include racing snowmobiles, escaping haunted mansions, and making pizzas.

Boss Battle is another new mini game that allows up to four players to combine their powers to beat a series of classic Mario boss characters collecting Mini Stars. This leads to the final battle with Bowser, and while you need to work as a team to beat the bosses, winners are picked by the amount of stars gained and how much damaged inflicted on each boss.

The mini games can be played without the need to complete a stage first, and you can improve your skills on any Mini game by using the Free Play mode. With all the new options the game will keep Mario fans entertained for hours.

Will you be buying Mario Party 9?

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  • Bam_

    Why haven’t the Mario Party series gone online yet? This is the exact type of game that could benefit from online play. I have friends all over the states who I would love to play this with, but considering I’m a single bachelor who lives alone, I have no reason to purchase this game. Maybe the tenth installment…