Transformer Prime ICS update problems, fix inbound

By Gary Johnson - Jan 17, 2012

One of the most desired tablet PCs at the moment is the Asus Transformer Prime, and earlier today we told you that there are currently no plans to release a 3G version of the device. The tablet PC was launched running Android Honeycomb and a week ago an OTA update was released to upgrade the operating system. There has been some Transformer Prime ICS update problems reported though, but a fix should be inbound.

Some owners of the device have been reporting issues when trying to update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The problem comes when the new software doesn’t recognize the devices serial number, and then won’t complete the update. A report on Electronista is suggesting getting round the problem users can try initiating a factory reset.

A representative from the company has suggested that if that fails to fix the problem users wait fifteen minutes before trying again. The solution has worked for some users but not all of them have been successful. The Transformer Prime is one of the first devices that users the lovely NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, which is one of the devices main selling points.

Meanwhile a report over at Phandroid has reported that Asus have said they are “very close to a finalizing a fix”. The issue will be frustrating for owners wanting to experience Ice Cream Sandwich on the tablet PC, and makes you wonder why the device couldn’t have launched running it straight out of the box.

Have you successfully updated your Transformer Prime to ICS?

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  • Canoe_polo4

    All these devices all have ongoing issues. I bought my son the previous model in September 2011 and he is eagerly awaiting the Android 4.0 upgrade in February 2012. February 17th will also be a red letter day when I get OS 2.0 for my Playbook. I put my Playbook in an Otterbox Defender case and it goes everywhere with me.