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Transformer Prime: Consumer demand for 3G version

If you have decided not to pick up a WiFi version of the ASUS Transformer Prime just on the assumption that a 3G version would be coming sometime this year, you may be in for a huge disappointment. ASUS has just confirmed that they currently do not have any plans to release a 3G version of their Ice Cream Sandwich tablet combi.

As most US consumers are aware, the ASUS Transformer Prime is already available to buy, and just last week at CES we told you that ASUS were also planning to release an upgraded version of the Transformer Prime, one which would come with an upgraded resolution, as well as a upgrade to the front-facing camera with a new 2MP sensor compared to the old 1.3MP one.

That model coming will still be a WiFi variant only though, as there are no plans to bring a 3G version of the tablet to market. ASUS has confirmed this in a bold statement according to Focus Taiwan, by saying that ‘no such product exists in our current roadmap’, via TheVerge. By saying ‘current’ though in the statement, this may provide just a glimmer of hope to consumers that ASUS may give in and release a new model with 3G before the end of the year.

It’s a pretty surprising move though we have to say, particularly since most if not all of ASUS’ competitors on the market feature a 3G variant for their tablets aside from a WiFi one. What are ASUS trying to achieve by just giving consumers a WiFi version of the Prime – that they feel consumers don’t need 3G on their tablet perhaps?

We have a feeling that we haven’t heard the last on the 3G Prime debate, as it remains a head scratcher for us. In the meantime, consumers can look forward to the new version of the Prime shipping in the second half of 2012 with that upgraded display resolution and front-camera. Let us know your thoughts on this decision by ASUS – Is a 3G version badly needed or not?



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