Roadmap hints at new BlackBerry PlayBook models

By Gary Johnson - Jan 17, 2012

We recently told you about a potential security flaw that affects the BlackBerry PlayBook, which will hopefully be fixed with the release of the new operating system next month. Now a leaked roadmap points to some new BlackBerry PlayBook models in the pipeline.

It seems that RIM are still pushing ahead with the tablet PC market with a possible two new models later this year. A report on SlashGear is claiming that that a leaked roadmap has revealed that one of the new devices will feature LTE technology, and have a ten inch screen size. It is thought the devices will be available in time for the holiday season sales.

The current PlayBook has recently seen some major price cuts in most parts of the world. There is also the suggestion of a new 7-inch device with 3G+, which could be available in April 2012. The roadmap also hints that the first BlackBerry 10 handset won’t be available until September.

This keeps in line with RIM timescale of a late 2012 release for the BlackBerry 10 platform. It is not known exactly what the device will be, but there is the chance it could be the BlackBerry London. Before then it is thought there will be two new BlackBerry Curve smartphones, which will focus on emerging markets with one only being 2G.

RIM is believed to be set to showcase BlackBerry 10 at the Mobile World Congress 2012 next month. The rumored 3G+ PlayBook is thought not to feature LTE, but earlier leaks of PlayBook OS 2.0 revealed support for 1280 x 800 resolution and LTE iconography.

Do you think RIM can still be successful in the Tablet PC market?

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  • Canoe_polo4

    RIM can still be aviable player in this markrt as evidenced by Playbook OS 2.0 which will totally transform that device into a much better device. I have a 64GB model at present and can’t understand why it gets such bad press. I have mine paired up with a 9800 and have never had any problems with it. I only wish they would release a docking station like that of the Asus Transformer. Also with the 9800,the 624ghz processor is too slow.

  • Having used the Playbook, the its a fantastic device – great multitasking, good battery life, great OS, great screen, awesome hardware. Just the apps are lacking and RIM has to focus on developers – more so given the consolidation of Blackberry phones & Playbook that’s going to come soon.