Investigating Galaxy Nexus/Transformer Prime reboot issue

By Gary Johnson - Jan 17, 2012

Earlier today we told you about the issues some users had experienced when trying to update their Asus Transformer Prime to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. But now there has been more problems reported so we are now investigating the Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime reboot issue.

It seems those users lucky enough to upgrade their Transformer Prime are then met with another problem. According to Android Authority some users are reporting that their device will suddenly reboot without any warning. This is the same problem that some owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have been complaining about.

Only yesterday we told you about the handset rebooting without any warning, and the problem seemed to get worse as time goes on. Some owners have commented that they managed to change their Transformer Prime at the retailer where it was purchased, or with Asus themselves.

Trouble is the problem looks more likely to be a software problem with owners saying it only started after upgrading to Android 4.0, so changing the device probably won’t cure it. At the time of writing there is a quickly swelling thread over at the XDA forums, which currently stands at 78 pages.

Some users are complaining that their Transformer Prime rebooted twice in forty minutes, and some are complaining that certain retailers are not offering an exchange or returns after seven days of opening the device. It seems pretty certain that the issue is a software problem and not just coincidence, and the companies involved will hopefully be working around the clock to offer a permanent solution.

Has your Galaxy Nexus or Transformer Prime been rebooting itself?

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  • Tim Skingley

    Galaxy nexus in uk on vodafone, was plagued by the volume bugbut that is now fixed. Now it is the reboot bug. Random but only when in hand and being used.
    Twice in 40 minutes then fine for rest of day.

  • Aamoosa

    I hate both these devices and have never had a random reboot.

  • Lonelydirk_41

    When I upgraded my tfprime from honeycomb to ics it happened that always freezes then rebooting that’s not happening before the upgrade. Then I called to asus hotline and they told me to factory reset my tfp then I did that as well. 3 days after the factory reset no freezing and rebooting. So I think for all asus tfp user you just have to do the factory reset. Goodluck.

  • Vibesman

    Gnex been turning off unexpectedly a few times with both 4.01 and 4.02. Needs a full reset each time to fix( taking out the battery for 20 mins)