Black Ops 2: Stopping power, weapon balance debate

By Alan Ng - Jan 17, 2012

We have just informed you about possible changes coming to Battlefield 3 multiplayer after the core gameplay designer had decided to leave the BF3 team, and now we shift our focus to the next Call of Duty game, which is looking likely to be developed by Treyarch and a follow up to their hugely popular Black Ops game.

We don’t know what the next Call of Duty will be called, but there’s a lot of talk that it will be announced as Black Ops 2 and a proper sequel to the first game. We have some interesting information to share with you now, about potential gameplay features that may or may not make their way into the new game and it revolves around Stopping Power – the controversial weapon perk that featured in numerous Call of Duty games, but was absent from the most recent games from both Infinity Ward and Treyarch.

David Vonderhaar is one of the main gameplay designers at Treyarch and he has taken to Twitter to discuss the possibilities of Stopping Power being included in the next Call of Duty game. He reiterated that there was good reason that it didn’t feature in Black Ops, as he stated on Twitter that Stopping Power is not a ‘viable solution’ for the overall balance of the game, but rather better game mechanics are needed this time around.

”Stopping Power isn’t a viable solution. Solid mechanics with good tuning (and ability to real-world experiment with those tunables) is.”

As we’ve seen in Battlefield 3, it seems like weapon balancing is a frequent occurrence in console shooters now, and we may be seeing more of the same thing for Treyarch’s next game. You may remember the FAMAS and AK74U weapons being slightly overpowered in Black Ops as well, to which the developer later put things right with a patch based on feedback.

What priorities do you think Treyarch should base their next Call of Duty on? Brand new innovative gameplay, or the same core gameplay but with better mechanics as mentioned above by Vonderhaar? More specifically – should Stopping Power make a return in Black Ops 2?

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  • acog

    Negro ops failed and call of duty sucks giant whale pole. BF3 is king

  • I think the very first and most important thing to focus on is LAG and lag compensation. The second thing, is varied maps.  Lately, map design has been focused on balancing, trying to give something to every player on every map.  It just sucks the variety and skill element out of the game.  Cater certain maps to certain types of gameplay, and create a good skipping mechanism in case the whole lobby doens’t like that type of map play.  I’ve heard developers say countless times “sniping lanes”.  Aside from Quickscoping, there hasn’t been a real NEED to use the sniper rifle in any COD map since MW2. Really, the same thing for the shotgun, there are maps where it might be ok to use (or not), but no map that just screams “use a shotgun or suffer”

  • Generaljerejere

    Hell to the no…people say to balance stopping power add juggernaut but then it would be like both of the players didn’t have a 2nd tier perk at all because they vancell eachother out…sooooo stupid…then if 2 people were to go in a gun fight both having juggernaut or both having stopping power then it would still be the same except it will take a couple more or less shots…but that’s for both players!!because of these 2 perks no one uses the perks in the same tier because they will be out gunned majority of the time. So what these perks do basically is force people to use one of the 2 or else u would be under powered…so for any reason if these perks were added put only these 2 perks-ONLY in a 4th tier so people can be more creative and have a tough time choosing the other perks. Sp and jugg only made the choice between them 2 tough

  • Barretttezz

    I think no. I love using other perks without the need for stoping power. But what if stoping power was a gun perk like stability ect.i loved all the cods but black ops I only liked towards the end when they finally got it balanced. I think black ops is a good example of getting to much feedback. If you bring back stoping power you need juggernaut that would balance things.

  • Tray Caddy

    Stoping power may seems over powered but in MW2, but it meant you couldn’t use cold blooded or lightweight or other good second tier perks so it limited you to a extent.

  • invisible

    im tired of hearing about call of duty’s weapon re-balancing issues….there should just be one assault rifle,sniper,and a shotgun. oh yeah thats called halo.

  • Definitely not. You shouldn’t have to use a perk to get a 90% chance of a “One Hit Kill” with a powerful sniper. 

    I don’t think I ever used another perk other than Stopping Power on games that allowed it as you’d end up on a massive disadvantage to anyone using otherwise, whereas on the new ones I’ve been able to completely customise classes without feeling like I need to use a certain perk for a fair chance. 

    • KeviN from SD

      Absolutely agree with you Waltee…

      Black ops (Treyarch) did a great job by leaving Stopping power out of its game, and should continue to leave it out if they decide to create a “Black Ops 2”.