PS Vita: Game file size warning for digital buyers

By Alan Ng - Jan 16, 2012

If you are planning to pick up the Sony PS Vita when it launches in the UK and US on February, we have some important information for you to consider, especially if you intend on buying a lot of digital PS Vita games from the PlayStation Store.

Just like the current PSP and now many PlayStation 3 games, Sony has started to offer the majority of their PSP and PS3 lineup as a digital download, as an alternative to a physical retail copy. This is ideal for those that just like to stay in and buy a new game whenever they feel like it, but there’s a word of warning for those that intend to follow this policy for the Vita.

Downloading games will obviously have a toll on your Vita’s overall storage, and for those of you that are planning to buy the 4GB memory card for the PS Vita, we’ve found out that you’ll only be able to install one Vita game on your system and be left with a small amount of memory for game saves and other media.

A list of games and their respective storage install sizes has been published over at TheSixthAxis, and it is crucial reading for those that are planning to download Uncharted: Golden Abyss for example. If you buy the digital copy of the game, it will eat up 3.3GB of your memory, so obviously a 4GB memory card isn’t going to leave you with much memory to play around with in other areas.

Other games are less memory hungry, such as WipEout 2048 which will have an install size of 1.6GB, and Little Deviants which will just take up 1GB of your memory. The other games include Reality Fighters (670MB), Everybody’s Golf 6: (1.2GB) and Modnation Racers at 1.6GB.

What approach will you adopt with your PS Vita? Will you be buying a physical copy of all your games, or are you intending to go digital as much as possible? If so, you’ll probably need either the 16GB or 32GB card.

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  • sonyboyj

    if sony and other want to push digital content then make sd cards cheaper $99 for 32gb $60 for a 16gb card f#$k im not made of money

  • I’ll buy downloadable games ONLY if they cannot be found in physical form. I’m the type of person who actually wants to OWN what I buy. If I have a physical card, I can do that. I’m not going to buy a game only for in the future to have it either be taken down or not be able to be played on a future system. Although, I DO actually like how they did the manuals. I HATE having no physical manual and especially with the 3DS being cheap on their digital manuals(i.e. just text with a picture or two). But, all the videos I’ve seen of Sony’s manuals for the Vita are amazing. They look just like the real thing! If you have a PSone classic for the PS3 or PSP, look at the manual. That’s what the Vita’s LiveArea manual will be like. It looks like an actual scan! If more systems have manuals like that AND be able to suspend the game while you read it, I might actually warm up to digital manuals. But, I’m most likely NOT going to warm up to download only. I want to have ACTUAL COPIES of my games. If I’m going to only download my games, I might as well be a pirate. ARRRRGH…..ehhhhh…..NO!

  • This digital PS vita have wonderful look of the appearances and easy way of handling the gaming file as well as sequences….

  • My intent has been to go fully digital with the Vita, but I need to see the online prices for these games before I make that commitment…your move, Sony.