New Nintendo Wii U features teased, still not enough?

By Gary Johnson - Jan 16, 2012

Before last week’s CES 2012 event it was thought that Nintendo would be bringing along the Wii U to show off more about the new upcoming console. Many were left disappointed as there was no big showcase with the new console. But today we do have some new Nintendo Wii U features that were teased at the show, but is it still not enough to capture the gaming public’s imagination with the device?

As you will be able to see in the video below Nintendo showcased some new panoramic controller modes at CES 2012, which according to will enhance game views. Since Nintendo first revealed the Wii U last June at E3 there hasn’t been many new specifications and features officially announced by the company.

But now the company showcased the Wii U panoramic controller features at CES, and will allow the 5-inch wireless display come controller to offer panoramic views in certain games. The users TV will provide the standard front facing static view.

Nintendo’s new console will be capable of 1080p HD gaming that will bring it into line with the Xbox 360 and PS3, and the company will be hoping to build on the success that the original Wii had with its motion controllers. Trouble is at the time the technology was ground breaking and now has to compete with the Kinect and PlayStation Move.

What may help it is the appeal to families and the non hardcore gamers, which was the big pull when the Wii first launched. The company will surely be looking at its experiences with the 3DS, and make sure the Wii U has some great launch titles available.

Does this new feature make you consider the Wii U even more?

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  • H3mp_purplehaze

    Well the reason people were disappointed is because of speculation. Nintendo being tight lipped with a suprise at CES? It was definately possible. They are reporting the fact that Nintendo is not doing much to promote their newest iteration of home consoles. Which will not do them any good in the long run. It’s also possible that Nintendo has nothing new to show, which speaks volume’s in the game world as not a good thing.