Microsoft defends Xbox 360 security levels despite hacking claims

By Chris Cook - Jan 16, 2012

Hacking in the gaming industry has become a major issue as increasing numbers of incidents are being reported which is ultimately affecting sales of consoles due to a lack of trust in certain manufacturers’’ security. Microsoft appears to be one of the latest victims of this cyber-crime with their Xbox 360 but has defended their security levels regardless insisting there is no ‘loophole.’

The statement was made after a growing number of reports were made claiming hundreds of Xbox Live accounts have been hacked. Despite the reports Microsoft has issued a statement saying ‘Microsoft can confirm that there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox Live service. The online safety of Xbox Live members remains of the utmost importance, which is why we consistently take measures to protect Xbox Live against ever-changing threats.’

The computer industry giants also told Metro in a statement that any illegal access that is gained to Xbox Live users’ accounts comes from ‘brute force hacking’, phishing scams and ‘other illicit methods’ all of which are examples of identity theft and online fraud that are industry wide problems, meaning they are not unique to just Microsoft or the Xbox 360.

Microsoft suggests to avoid these issues users themselves must address their levels of security saying ‘people using any online services should set strong passwords, not share those passwords across multiple services and refrain from sharing any personal details that could leave them vulnerable.’

Xbox Live users are not convinced however remaining adamant that the platform provider has been hacked although there is no official evidence of this. Are you one of the Xbox Live users that have found their data being illegally accessed? What do you think could be the cause for this?

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  • R_rivera55

    Appears my account was hacked. Someone stole credit card information from my unit. What is the best way of preventing this from re-occuring?

  • Anonymous

    My account
    was hacked while playing Gears 3 then my console text turned Russian and was
    disconnected, logged onto the PC to find my account had migrated to Russia and
    they spent over £200.

    I have never
    given my details out I am a 41 year old gamer and I play almost every night and
    have been on live for over three years so my question is why wasn’t my account
    migration flagged up. I spoke to Microsoft they said my details were breached
    through EA, I have been offline since 23rd September and still waiting after
    many phone calls I have just been given a month of live free while I wait for
    the investigation after they kept getting my e-mail address wrong.

    The point I
    would like to make is the hackers logged into my Windows Live account and
    changed the password and language then migrated to Russia, if you tried the
    same thing on Ebay you would get an e-mail to confirm password change that you
    copy and paste into the address bar from your unique IP address.

    The password
    change on the Windows Live is the fundimental flaw in the security setup of the
    Xbox, so my advice do not put any credit card details into your console and buy
    MS points from a secure website.

    As of today still no account and no more free live I have had to purchase another 3 months and the last time I spoke to Microsoft which was about a week ago they still had the e-mail address wrong. Incompetence on a whole new level I will never trust Xbox with credit card details again and still havn’t had a refund on the money the hackers took and I have now found out the hackers are playing with my gamertag again so much for closing my account under investigation.

  • We’re seeing this more and more these days.. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing this more frequently if the SOPA act is passed. Groups like ‘Anonymous’ have all ready made it clear that they will hack many supporters of this bill. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.