HTC Rezound ICS: Risky Ice Cream Sandwich update available

By Alan Ng - Jan 16, 2012

We recently gave Samsung Galaxy S II owners reason to celebrate after a stable build of Ice Cream Sandwich became available to download, and now it looks like HTC Rezound owners who are looking to update to Android 4.0 can now get their Ice Cream Sandwich fix as well.

Unfortunately though, it looks like this new build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Rezound isn’t stable, so we won’t recommend that you go and download this straight away. It does serve as a great marker though in ensuring that a future build of Ice Cream Sandwich that is stable will be coming sooner rather than later.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S II and countless other Android handsets who already have unofficial Android 4.0 update options, there is no indication when carriers and manufacturers will release official Ice Cream Sandwich updates, as following on from the Galaxy Nexus, other updates have been kept to a minimal.

If out of curiosity though that you want to mix your Beats audio device with a slice of Ice Cream Sandwich, then you will find the download links and instructions on how to get this working over at Rootz Wiki, courtesy of Droid-Life. You will obviously need to be running on a rooted handset as well and know what you are doing, as if you don’t it could all go horribly wrong for you and instead of Android 4.0 you’ll have a non-responsive bricked handset.

We hope now that this build is out, it won’t be long until we hear of a future version which improves stability. On a side note, what other Android handset would you like developers to start working on for Ice Cream Sandwich? We’ve seen a lot of requests for the Photon 4G, while we’re sure HTC EVO 4G owners would love a port of Ice Cream Sandwich as well – are we right?

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  • magundo

    i dowloaded ICS and i want to go back to gingerbread. map[ navigation keeps reseting the phone so annoying we can send stuff to mars but we cant get compatible programing

  • Bgkrug Bk

    Please give the HTC Evo 4G an ICS update. We already got Gingerbeead why can’t we get Ice Cream Sandwich. If ICS is an android OS then why can’t it be on Android OS phones?

  • Foogle

    I would so love for Devs to create a stable ICS for my EVO 4G (the best EVO)

  • Olivia de la Cruz

    I’ve played around with ICS on the GN and I am not at all impressed by the new OS… theres nothing I want from ICS… I like my Sense 3.5 w/ Gingerbread atm…  it still wows ignorant ppl who have never seen it..  I dont want ICS for god sake!!! esp. after reading all the whiny Gnexus users complain about devs not updating for ICS, boohoo so sad too bad ='(…. if anything i want Sense 4.0…..

  • Anonymous

    HA, Android…