Project Fiona: Mindblowing Skyrim on ultra high settings

By Alan Ng - Jan 13, 2012

Earlier this week we told you about the great prospect for true portable ‘PC’ gaming thanks to Razer’s new Project Fiona tablet that the company have unveiled at CES 2012 over in Las Vegas. Now, it gets even better as we have a video to show you that really demonstrates what the beast can handle – Skyrim on ultra high settings.

If you thought the initial CES unveiling of Project Fiona was impressive, then you haven’t seen anything yet. As we have already told you, information on hardware specs for Project Fiona are still being kept a secret at the moment, but Razer was keen to announce that their gaming tablet will be running on an third-generation Intel Core i7 processor and will include motion support via an accelerometer and rumble support as well.

Now though, who needs to know the exact details of what it can run when they are already confirming it can run games like Skyrim on max settings? To prove it, a video shot by Destructoid at CES 2012 shows Bethesda’s latest RPG epic running with a 1280×800 resolution and based on the video, it looks pretty incredible on a portable device too with no major signs of framerate problems.

It has already been said by Razer that their tablet will be able to run current PC games available today such as Skyrim seen in the video, but another aspect to point out to you is that Skyrim was actually in fact booted up from Steam, so it can run Valve’s interface and presumably all their vast collection of titles with no problems either.

Project Razer is looking amazing so far no doubt and a fantastic prospect ahead for the future of real PC portable gaming. The one stumbling block though will obviously be the high-price attached with this device, as we already know that Razer has given it a sub-$1000 bracket for the time being. Skyrim on ultra settings is some feat. though, so how much would you be willing to pay for one?

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  • visually it’s great, but the bloke looks like he is struggling with the analog sticks, which once again makes me question ergonomics. Also how long till your arms begin to ache as that is a very weird way to hold a device for hours on end

  • Sam

    This is amazing. When i first heard of the Razor Fiona I considered it to be a joke like the Sony phone/Game system. I shall see how this turns out..