Cracked screens no problem for ignorant British iPhone owners

By Chris Cook - Jan 13, 2012

In a recent survey carried out by it was revealed that almost half the population of British iPhone owners have a cracked screen but continue to use their device regardless.

The research which included the comparison of over one thousand owners of Apple’s flagship smartphone showed that 42% of them to be exact were ignorant of their cracked screens suggesting they weren’t a problem. 32% of them admitted that the reason for this was because they didn’t want to claim on the insurance. 57% of the people asked also revealed they had broken the screen on their handset at some point and 51% claimed it still worked fine despite the crack.

What is most worrying about these findings is that out of the people asked, over half of them had in fact cracked their screen before and 41% admit they do nothing to protect their iPhone. This is worrying considering the next handset, the iPhone 5 is rumored to be even thinner than the last, the iPhone 4S meaning these percentage may be higher unless they change the way the treat their mobiles.

The aim of the research, according to’s Chairman, Mark Pearson was to find out how consumers of the latest expensive technology devices, particularly the iPhone, take care of them. He said ‘As gadgets and technology have advanced, so have the price tags that come with them. Unfortunately, more expensive gadgets inevitably mean more expensive fixes when they are broken.’

As PC Advisor explains in there article, these findings are surprising but what is more surprising is the amount of people who are aware of the damage to their product but do nothing about it as they still work fine. It’s the cheaper option for many.

Are you surprised by the findings of this survey? Have you ever cracked your iPhone screen?

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