BlackBerry PlayBook OS flaw allows email spying

By Gary Johnson - Jan 13, 2012

The BlackBerry PlayBook has seen a troubled life since it was first released and it has seen some heavy discounts recently. One of the biggest problems with the Tablet PC was the lack of features found on the operating system. About ago week we heard that RIM was going to showcase the next version of the OS at CES 2012, which they did with a number of new features. Now we have news of a BlackBerry PlayBook OS flaw that allows email spying.

According to a report on the Inquirer security researchers have found a problem in RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge software, which can result in data and emails being stolen. The authentication token is sent between the PlayBook and a BlackBerry smartphone when communicating, and it is put in a readable place.

A hacker could grab the token that would then give the attacker access to the tablet PCs files remotely. The BlackBerry Bridge software allows the PlayBook to communicate with a BlackBerry handset via a Bluetooth connection, and was one of the devices big selling points when it was first released.

RIM have since stated that the problem will be fixed once the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software is downloaded to the device, and is set to be released sometime next month. This comes after the tablet PC has become available at a much lower price, and the company will be hoping that with the new OS and lower price sales will pick up.

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