Battlefield 3: Reporting cheaters just got easier

By Alan Ng - Jan 13, 2012

We have some good news to bring to Battlefield 3 owners now, more specifically to those of you playing the PC version. Developers DICE have announced that they have now added measures to make it more easier for players to report others who are cheating.

DICE has sent a strongly worded message to all Battlefield 3 players on their blog, stating that they do not tolerate cheating and never will. To put this into effect that they have announced this week that they have just banned several hundred cheaters, many of which were the result of feedback from other players who reported their frustrations to DICE.

Seeing how important this method is to DICE, they have also announced that players will now be able to report cheaters a lot more easier, by heading to Battlelog (EA’s stats-based service) and clicking on a report triangle next to a player’s name. If players wish to do this, DICE has also recommend that players include a link to the battle report in which the cheating occurred, so it aids their investigation further.

As for possible actions if you are found cheating, DICE has said that two punishments may include either a stats wipe or a permanent ban, or possibly both. Personally speaking, we haven’t seen too many instances of cheating so far in the game, but on the other hand, feedback that we’ve seen online does suggest that cheating is ongoing in the game, especially when you see a player with a ridiculous kill to death ratio – and by ridiculous we’re talking about a 70.something K/D score, when the average player usually has a K/D of 1-2.

What are your thoughts on the new year actions by DICE? Have you experienced any extreme cheating going on in the game? If so, what have you seen so far? The console versions appear to be immune to frequent cheating at the moment which is obviously a relief, but no doubt that this will be a most welcome step for PC players of the game.

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  • BF3 Player

    WHY is this NOT available for people on PS3?  This Month, I’ve seen more cheaters getting kills with one bullet, and I’ve been dying at random.  Does EA NOT care for the other Systems?  It’s gotten OUT OF CONTROL. 

  • Roberttko

    Hope they investigate first before they ban someone. not just because someone said. U cheated u should be ban i don’t no how the hall thing about ban works.

  • 1010mrrayan

    What if someone was very skilled and got this k/d ratio like 50/5 or above so this isn’t cheating that skills so think about it dice!!!

  • Service star 26

    It’s not cheating its the boosters