Xbox 720, PS4 already has Wii U beat without release date

By Gary Johnson - Jan 12, 2012

While all the speculation recently has covered what the next games consoles from Sony and Microsoft may bring and when, we already know roughly when Nintendo are going to release their next gen games console. But it seems that the Xbox 720 and PS4 already have the Wii U beat without any release date being known or what they may be like.

According to a recent survey amongst gamers it was found that only 13 percent said they will purchase the Wii U. GameSpot are reporting this compares to those considering unannounced devices from the other big two beating that figure by almost a 3:1 margin.

Since Nintendo first announced the Wii U besides the new tablet controller have revealed virtually nothing else about their new system. The survey was taken from a random 2,546 readers globally by GameSpot Trax. While only 13 percent said they would buy the Wii U, 36 percent planned to get the next Xbox, and 34 percent would be getting the new PlayStation once it is released.

These figures are quite surprising considering there is no information what so ever about any new systems from Microsoft or Sony, while Nintendo’s new console will be released this year. Gamers certainly do know what they want from next gen consoles though, as 83 percent put backward compatibility as an important feature.

This was just ahead of better graphics at 80 percent while 49 percent wanted the ability to download full games to their systems. Many want backwards compatibility but only 24 percent actually feel it will come in the next gen consoles. The Wii U has already been confirmed to have this once it is released by Nintendo.

It does seem that the console makers are now focusing on mainstream audiences now, and some of the core gamers may be feeling a little left behind now. Many want better graphics but many gamers put game play as the most important thing, which can often be forgotten in favor of big cut scenes and graphics.

Will you be getting the Wii U?

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  • hope wii u comes in black. would like to see it have a multi touch screen thats flush to the rest of the controller. (nice disign AND edge motion touch) . hope that the newxbox is about windows 8/9 has a optinal toch controller (but is bought not with xbox, or in bundle) touch controller would be nice for windows 8 touch, but i hope it has a focus on a new kinect (much like kinect for pc, with new HD vision and closer view i think they need some phisical controll to add with kinect) getting both, havent cared about ps3 or psp and i dont care about a ps4, vita looks nice, but their are no games. and sony is turning good franchises into CRAP like twisted metal. xbox is always picking up new speed. nintendo is always good , wii was off with HD gaming and weird online support, but games were not bad, wii u inproves in every idea that the original wii had, and then some. so im excited, deffinitly want to see how releace games take advantige of the controller.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be getting a wii U.  All my kids and I already want one.  That being said . .I’ve got the 360 with Kinect, PS3 and Wii.  If all the 720 or PS4 have to offer is better graphics . . . and not innovative design and gameplay  ..> I’ll pass until they’ve been out a couple of years.

  • Yab1998

    This is talking about wiiu which is for real gamers and casuals… the fact is gamers is full of fanboys

  •  ive got psp wii ds 3ds 360 and ps3 out of all of them i think the the best for me is my wii 3ds ds ps3 psp then the 360

  • there not  gona call it the xbox 720 thats such a stupid name

  • Xldc

    I’ll get it if it plays wii games and if it comes in black

  • Pikeing-74

    No . would get Xbox 720 or Ps4 which ever as best graphics when I get one want to get most out of Xbox 360 yet just replaced it

    • Yab1998

      What if WiiU has better graphics then both of them? we dont know ANYTHING about 720/ps4 and we dont know WiiUS specs