Dell contemplating late 2012 Windows 8 tablet entry

PC manufacturing giant, Dell has faced a whole host of issues when it comes to introducing products for related markets such as the tablet and mobile. Despite the success they have enjoyed in the past in their target PC market and the fact they were once a dominant force, since the demand for mobile devices has taken over the demand for household desktops they now face a challenge of making an impact in what are already competitive mobile device markets.

Their previous attempt to make an impact came with the Streak tablet which ended up disastrous and was eventually abandoned. The company will be hoping for better luck with their next attempt which they announced recently. As Reuters reports Dell are contemplating a late 2012 entry into the tablet market with a Windows 8 device.

The company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Steve Felice told Reuters in an interview ‘We have been taking our time. The general failure of everyone that’s tried to introduce a tablet outside of Apple. He believes that by taking their time producing a device they can accommodate consumers’ needs and understand them better, hence the late entry.

Dell says they plan to focus more on the consumer needs when it comes to their products rather than making a big impact on the market. While the company has not officially confirmed the use of Microsoft’s Windows operating system as opposed to Google’s Android OS, Felice is reported to have said that he preferred the feel of the Windows OS more. That OS is expected to debut later in the year, another reason why Dell are considering the late entry into the market.

What do you think of a Dell Windows 8 tablet? Does it sound like the sort of device you would be interested in purchasing?



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