Motorola and Lenovo to produce first Intel powered smartphones

With the promise of an Intel powered smartphone having been talked about for months, confirmation of such products came today via CES as the company announced that Motorola and Lenovo would be responsible for producing the world’s first smartphones that will pack these chips.

Motorola will be looking to launch their handset across both sides of the Atlantic while Lenovo will be focusing on a launch in China. Both smartphones will be running Google’s Android OS. Intel will be hoping to make an impact on the market as well as doing their best to compete with chipset rival company ARM, who are already enjoying success in the smartphone industry.

Intel’s Chief Executive Paul Ottelini is reported by The Telegraph to have stated that they already have ‘reference designs’ for tablets and phones which stick to standard features that are found in smartphones on the market today including fast graphics capabilities, speedy web browsing and a cameras of up to 16 megapixels, while emphasizing improved battery life. He also said that their relationship with Lenovo was just the beginning.

Both of the manufacturers’ smartphones will use the scaled down version of the processor Intel uses in its PCs known as the Intel Atom Chip. Motorola will be looking to launch in the months after the summer after gaining regulatory approval, while Lenovo’s device will be called the K800 and will launch in China during the second quarter of this year with the China Unicom network. The chip will also be used in one of Lenovo’s tablet devices.

Specs on both these smartphones are yet to be established but Intel will be hoping for an impressive start in the market in order to make an impact and to take on the might of other already well-established manufacturers in the same field. How much of an impact do you think Intel powered smartphones will have on the market?



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