Ghost Recon Future Soldier: New release date, beta and PC victory

From one shooter to another now, as after just telling you about the first two confirmed DLC maps for Modern Warfare 3, we now have an update for you on Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. It’s not good news for fans though as the game has received a small delay.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a promising addition to the veteran franchise and after originally being scheduled for a release sometime in March this year, we can tell you that the game will be releasing on home consoles in May instead.

The good news, is that Ubisoft has given a solid date for when the game will arrive, and that’s May 25th in the UK and May 22nd in the US. This applies to both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, as if you have been following updates for GRFS, you’ll know that a PC version was initially thought to have been canned in favor of Ghost Recon Online, a free-to-play micro-transaction game which Ubisoft were offering as an alternative. Now though, Ubisoft has made a complete u-turn, confirming that a PC version will come after all, but it will ship at a later date to the console versions.

We doubt that the slight launch delay will be seen as a major blow for fans, as it is only a few months extra that you’ll have to wait. On the plus side, you’ll be able to play the multiplayer beta instead, as Ubisoft has also confirmed that the beta will kick off in April. It was originally intended to be exclusive to the Xbox 360, but a report over Game Informer confirms that PS3 users will also be able to join the beta as well.

Hopefully there will be plenty of ways to get into the beta, we’ll try to get some codes for you from Ubisoft if we can. If you have been looking forward to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, let us know your thoughts on the news. PC users should definitely have reason to celebrate after thinking the game wouldn’t be coming out.



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