Skyrim 1.4 patch to finally fix PS3 lag claim Bethesda, we’ll see

By Gary Johnson - Jan 10, 2012

Since Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released almost three months ago gamers have enjoyed this massive game. It has won awards and received many plaudits from reviewers and owners alike. There has been some issues though and none more so than owners of the PS3 version. Today we have news that the Skyrim 1.4 patch is to finally fix the PS3 lag claim Bethesda themselves, but we will just have to wait and see.

Previously it had been thought that the next patch to hit Skyrim would not address the lag issues that have been affecting the PS3 version of the game. But an article over at CVG is reporting that the 1.4 update will fix the problems after Bethesda took to its Twitter page.

The problems were first reported back in November and left some gamers unable to play Skyrim at all. This led to some PlayStation 3 owners to offer their own solutions to the problem that worked for some users.

Trouble is the last 1.3 Skyrim patch was also claimed to sort the lag issues but it didn’t seem to work for long before PS3 users were still complaining about the problem. The latest patch is set to hit the game sometime this month.

Has the lag issues spoiled Skyrim for you?

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  • I own the PS3, the XBOX and the PC version of Skyrim. I’ve actually found the PS3 version to Lag less than my XBOX version, even before the last patch. Mind you, I am only a level 48 on my PS3 so maybe I haven’t reached the levels in which it starts to affect the game to that extent.

    • moorbre

      just out of curiosity why have one for each ?

      • My son uses the XBox. I tend to play on the PS3 but when the family wants to watch our main TV or if I’m on the road and want entertainment, I play on my PC. We’re a tech geek family. We have three large TVs, three surround sound systems, four laptops, and three desktops. We own the WII, PS3, XBox, and a few other older systems that collect dust. I am the owner of a PC Consulting firm so I have a little bit of an excuse.

        • moorbre

          Damn I wish I lived with your family, sounds awesome