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Official MW3 Elite app: iPhone download imminent, Android soon

We have some good news for Call of Duty Elite subscribers now, as it has been confirmed that the highly anticipated Elite mobile application will be available to download for the iPhone this week, with an app coming for Android also confirmed to be coming afterwards.

A mobile version of Call of Duty Elite was always in the pipeline, but perhaps many users did not expect the app to arrive on iPhone so soon. Starting from Tuesday January 10, iPhone owners will be able to download the app free of charge, and take the stats-based service for Modern Warfare 3, and any other Call of Duty supported game on the go, wherever you are.

Call of Duty Elite for mobile devices will allow users to access their main profile page, and customize weapon and accessory load-outs on the move in preparation for when they return to play at home. You’ll also be able to view challenges and access detailed stats for all your weapons, how well you have done in the game, what your kill / death ratio is and so on.

As for an Android app, users will have to wait until sometime next week to download, as it won’t be available the same time as the iOS app. For those that are interested, it’s worth noting that developers Beachhead have also confirmed that a Call of Duty Elite app for the iPad will also be available soon, but development is still ongoing at the moment.

The news is great for Modern Warfare 3 Elite subscribers of course, but what about Battlefield 3 players? A Battlelog mobile application has also been promised but we have yet to see any official details on it, or an idea on what progress has been made with the app either. Battlelog is a similar service to Elite, but remains free at the moment to all Battlefield 3 players.

Are you surprised that an Elite app will be available for the iPhone this week? How do Battlefield 3 players feel knowing that Battlelog is no where near finished at the moment?



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